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VIDEO: Hero Crossing Guard Risks Life to Save Child from Speeding Car
A crossing guard from Maryland has been called a hero after she put herself in danger to save a child
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Heartbreaking Video: WWII Veteran Reunites with Long-Lost Love After 75 Years Apart
While serving in Briey, France during World War II, a young American soldier named KT Robbins fell in
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A woman noticed a young girl on her porch one rainy night after hearing a tap on the gate. She adopted
What are the views of Megan Fox’s oldest son on his gender now. He used to wear girl dresses…
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Nell Burton didn’t have a name until she was seven months old…
The only child and youngest child of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, who served as the model for
James MacArthur confessed something about his wife of 25 years, despite calling her “hard headed”…
The marriage between James MacArthur and his wife of more than two decades was the longest a woman had