Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend Discovered Deceased in Car Days After She Was Due at Hospital, Baffling Police

Tragically, the lifeless bodies of a pregnant teenage girl and her boyfriend were discovered in a car, just days after she was supposed to go to the hospital for labor induction. The girl’s family had launched a search for them on Christmas night. The mother of the heartbroken teen girl shared that her daughter, who is no longer with us, was filled with immense joy as she was expecting a baby. The case has left law enforcement officials baffled.

Tragically, a young woman named Savannah Soto, who was pregnant at the age of 18, was discovered deceased in a vehicle on Tuesday following an extensive two-day search. Tragically, her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, was also discovered deceased in the same vehicle.

The couple were discovered when Soto was scheduled to go to a hospital to induce labor on Saturday night, as she was a week past her due date, according to a news outlet.

On the day they were killed, police in the Leon Valley Police Department reported them missing and started following up on leads in their investigation to try to find them.

Police officials working on the case are feeling extremely frustrated and confused. According to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, the crime scene is quite perplexing. Detectives think this might be a murder case, but they’re not sure. “We can’t say for sure what we have.”

The bodies of Guerra and Soto were discovered when a concerned individual informed the family about the car being found in the parking lot of an apartment complex in San Antonio. The family then contacted the authorities, who promptly arrived at the crime scene and determined that the bodies had likely been there for a few days.

The family of the late youngster is understandably devastated. Soto’s grandmother, Rachel, shared her family’s longing for answers, while the teen’s devastated mom, Gloria Cordova, heartbreakingly revealed, “Savannah was filled with joy because she was going to become a mother. It’s truly heartbreaking.

Cordova shared that her daughter was filled with anticipation for her baby’s arrival. She had already completed the nursery and was eagerly awaiting the moment of giving birth, with her mom by her side. Cordova mentioned that she last saw Soto at her apartment on Friday.

As Soto failed to respond to Cordova’s attempts to reach her before her scheduled labor induction, Cordova decided to pay her a visit, only to find that she wasn’t at home. Afterwards, she made her way to the hospital, only to find that her teenage daughter was still nowhere to be found. The concerned mother quickly contacted the authorities, who promptly issued a CLEAR (Coordinated Law Enforcement Adult Rescue) Alert.

Cordova posted about her daughter and a picture of her on social media on Christmas Eve and asked people for help. She stated, “My daughter is missing…If you happen to come across her, kindly get in touch with me and let me know…I am worried about her safety.”

Following this post, Soto’s family and friends came together at the location where she was last seen and took it upon themselves to conduct a search for her and Guerra on Christmas night. They drove around the area, determined to find them.

As the teen girl and Guerra’s families grieve their significant losses, heartfelt condolences continue to pour in for the bereaved loved ones.

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Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend Discovered Deceased in Car Days After She Was Due at Hospital, Baffling Police
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