I Got $125,000 from My Late Grandfather, but My Mom Took All of It Away from Me.

A young woman of 18 felt that her mother owed her a substantial amount of money. Despite her request, her mother adamantly refused to return the money.

The girl discovered that she had inherited around $125,000 from her grandfather, only to find out later that her mother also owed her nearly the same amount. She required the funds to pursue her aspirations at her ideal educational institution.

However, the situation took a turn when she discussed the money with her mother. After receiving her mother’s disapproving response, she had no choice but to pursue legal action and file a case against her.

The girl opened up about her complex relationship with her parents, which had only become more strained as she got older. Receiving an inheritance from her grandfather only intensified the strain on her relationship with her mother. She described how she faced an issue when attempting to transfer the money to her college savings. And that issue was her mother.

She had her heart set on using the money to pursue her education at her dream college, but her mother had different plans in store. She anticipated that the Original Poster would reimburse her for all the expenses she paid for over the years. Therefore, when OP requested her mother to transfer the inheritance money to her account, she declined. She said the money was hers because she had helped her daughter so much.

Her mother was confused at first, but when OP told her the amount, she started to yell.
OP revealed that her mother had consistently taken money from her room. She had cracked open her safe and planned to use the money she would earn from participating in various sports competitions. After a few days, OP finally mustered up the courage to speak with her mother once more. Meanwhile, she added up the amount of money her mother owed her. As to how she did this, she revealed:

“At the age of 13, I made the decision to begin documenting all the money I earned in a notebook.”

Upon discovering the truth, OP was shocked to learn that her mother had secretly taken nearly $125,000 from her over time. She owed the original poster 250,000, which included the money she inherited from her grandfather.

With her evidence in hand, OP confidently entered her mother’s room to discuss the money she owed. Initially, her mother was perplexed, but she erupted into a fit of anger when OP disclosed the final amount. She explained:

“She began shouting, claiming ownership of everything, arguing that she had already spent more than that on my medical expenses.”

The girl wondered why her mother wasn’t including her siblings in this activity, so she asked her patiently. Her mother responded by stating that OP was responsible for repaying her because she was the oldest child.

Prior to speaking with her mother, OP took the precaution of saving everything into a file on her computer, fully aware of her mother’s predictable reaction. She remembered:
“When she confiscated my notebook and papers, I simply factored in the cost of those items to the overall total.”

The next day, OP reached out to her mother via email, requesting payment or warning of potential legal action. She was determined to take legal action against her for the money she had taken without permission.

Upon further reflection, she realized that she may have been a bit excessive in her email. She posted on Reddit, seeking validation from other users about her actions. Kris82868 reassured OP that they were not to blame. “Taking care of a 4 year old’s medical needs is a fundamental responsibility for any parent,” she explained.

The OP shared that she was brought up with the belief that children had a responsibility to support their parents once they reached adulthood. She believed she would be unable to repay their kindness in the future due to the ongoing issues.

Meanwhile, another Redditor shared their perspective on the situation, suggesting that they would create a separate account to safeguard their finances from their mother, if they were in OP’s position. SunnyBunnyHopHop also mentioned:

“You need to have an attorney review all the information & discuss your available options.”

In the updated post, the user shared that her father was assisting her in recovering the funds. She decided to open a separate bank account and remove any accounts associated with her mother’s name.

She also mentioned that her mother revealed that her other siblings were not biologically related to her father. Her mother had been unfaithful to her husband and had five children from her extramarital relationship. “So now, she’s facing a lawsuit, possible criminal charges, and a divorce,” she shared.

The OP expressed gratitude to everyone for their valuable suggestions and expressed her heartfelt hope for her father to obtain full custody of his children. She acknowledged that sharing her issue with fellow Redditors proved to be incredibly beneficial.

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I Got $125,000 from My Late Grandfather, but My Mom Took All of It Away from Me.
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