Police Officers Pay Tribute to Beloved K9 Companion with Terminal Cancer During Her Last Farewell. His Reaction Will Break Your Heart!

Police dogs are vital members of law enforcement agencies, performing important duties like finding missing people. They are highly valued by their colleagues, serving as both trusted companions and reliable partners in their duties. When these loyal dogs complete their service, it is only right to give them a proper send-off, recognizing their years of hard work and courage. This touching incident took place when a K9, who was terminally ill, received a heartfelt farewell from his fellow officers, who paid tribute to his remarkable service and selflessness.

Candy, a German shepherd, had been a valuable member of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office since 2014. She was the first n*rc*tics detection dog to join their team. Throughout her nearly ten years of dedicated service, she conducted more than 2,900 operational searches, resulting in the successful seizure of 278 pounds of illegal n*rc*tics, as reported by the sheriff’s office.

Candy developed a unique connection with her handler, Master Deputy II Anthony “Tony” Natalzia. “She was always by my side, no matter where I went,” Natalzia shared with McClatchy News. “These dogs seem to be more present in your life than your own family.”

However, he began to observe a decline in the energy levels of his 11-year-old dog. Candy started walking with a noticeable limp and refused to eat her food. He brought her to the vet, and it was revealed that Candy had cancer that had unfortunately spread throughout her body.

“It was in her lungs, it was everywhere,” Natalzia recounted. “The vet’s response left me in disbelief. We had gone for a routine visit, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, but they said there was nothing they could do.”

Considering the terminal cancer’s progression, Natalzia made the difficult decision to bring Candy to the vet to be put down. Before anything else, the adorable dog had the opportunity to bid a heartfelt farewell to her fellow police officers.

On Monday, officers held a special farewell for Candy, with officers lining the halls of the Virginia Beach Correctional Center and saluting the retiring K9 as she left work for the last time. The officers are clearly overcome with emotion as they bid their final farewell.

Candy happily held onto her beloved tennis ball throughout the entire journey. Following the walkout, Natalzia took Candy to the vet, where she was put down.

Candy was scheduled to retire this year, and Natalzia expressed his regret about not being able to spend time with her after retirement. He mentioned feeling disappointed about not having the opportunity to enjoy post-retirement moments with his dog. However, he emphasized that as a responsible handler, he couldn’t let Candy suffer just to fulfill his own desires.

Although he will forever cherish the memories of Candy, he is now taking on the role of a handler for a new K9 named Pablo. He is eager to form a strong bond with Pablo, just as he did with Candy.

What a touching tribute to this brave canine. Goodbye, Candy. May you rest in peace.

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Police Officers Pay Tribute to Beloved K9 Companion with Terminal Cancer During Her Last Farewell. His Reaction Will Break Your Heart!
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