Heroic Crane Operator Rescues Man from Burning Building’s Rooftop. Watch the Video And Learn What Happens Next!

With incredible courage and quick thinking, a 65-year-old crane operator showed up as an unexpected hero when he rescued a man trapped on a burning building.

Glen Edwards, a crane operator from Egham, is sharing his appreciation following a nerve-wracking rescue operation in Reading last Thursday. Edwards faced a difficult task as he battled against strong winds to rescue a man trapped in a burning building. The intense rescue took place in the midst of dense black smoke, which severely limited visibility.

Edwards, with a concrete skip on his crane, swiftly responded when he noticed the distressed man signaling for help. With his expertise and familiarity with the area, Edwards skillfully secured a metal cage to the crane, meticulously weighing his choices for the rescue mission. Nevertheless, the difficult conditions, with smoke hindering his vision, presented an additional level of challenge to the operation.

With a colleague offering assistance and a concerned crowd observing from below, Edwards expertly operated the crane to successfully rescue the man. The crowd burst into cheers and applause as the man was safely lowered to the ground.

Reflecting on the intense experience, Edwards remarked, “It seemed like an eternity until the man got inside. I was filled with an incredible rush of adrenaline.” He acknowledged feeling tremors after the rescue, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.
Even though the operation was a success, Edwards still hasn’t had the chance to meet the man he saved. He jokingly mentioned, “He still owes me a drink for that!”

This story has touched the hearts of many, as Edwards has been flooded with an outpouring of support from kind-hearted individuals. A fundraising page was created to express gratitude to Glen by treating him to a beer. The initial goal was £5,000, but the amount has now reached an impressive £9,100. Edwards was deeply touched by the community’s response, expressing gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive comments.

The man who was rescued and taken to the hospital for mild smoke inhalation was discharged on the same day.
Check out the video below.

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Heroic Crane Operator Rescues Man from Burning Building’s Rooftop. Watch the Video And Learn What Happens Next!
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