My Step-Daughter Wants Her “Real Dad” to Give Her Away. My Revenge Toast at a Family Dinner Party

In a surprising twist, a girl’s stepfather graciously covered the expenses for her wedding, only to feel hurt and upset when she ultimately decided to have her biological father accompany her down the aisle. However, as tensions grew and emotions intensified, the stepdad took advantage of the situation by delivering an unexpected toast. In June 2, 2013, a man took to Reddit’s “Off My Chest” forum to share a story that had been weighing on his mind as his stepdaughter’s wedding day drew near. He conveyed his emotions with a feeling of frustration and letdown. In the post, the author shared that his stepdaughter’s wedding was set for August 3, emphasizing the significant amount of time and effort that had gone into planning the event over the past six months.

In order to provide clarity about their relationship, he explained, “I refer to her as my partner’s daughter because we have chosen not to marry, despite sharing a home for a decade.”In his account, the man shared the extensive financial assistance he had provided to his step-daughter. This included fully funding her college education, which made up $40,000, despite it being a state school. In addition, he brought up the idea of buying a car to make her daily trips to and from school more convenient once she finished high school.

One Sunday evening, when they were having dinner with step-daughter’s future in-laws, his “real dad” showed up. When it was declared that it would be him that would accompany the bride to the altar, the OP decided to say a word or two about it. After regaining his composure, he stood up from his chair and shared his intention to raise a toast, recognizing his ten-year involvement in the family. He appeared to be deeply troubled by the way his stepdaughter treated him in comparison to her biological father. The OP shared about the step-daughter’s experiences of her bio dad occasionally reappearing in her life, and her strong emotional connection with him. In spite of his failure to provide financial support or contribute to the upbringing of his stepdaughter, the stepdad revealed that she still held a deep affection for her biological father and desired his presence in her life. He noted that her biological father had a pattern of making commitments to her and almost constantly forgetting them, consistently causing her heartache.

“I propose a toast,” the clinking of spoons against glasses echoes. “It’s been my pleasure being a part of this family for the past decade.” Expressions of awe follow. “I owe a debt of gratitude to the bride and groom for enlightening me on something crucial in my life.” Confident smiles are exchanged. “They’ve revealed that my role in this family isn’t what I once perceived.” Confusion and shock begin to spread as I continue. “While I saw myself as the patriarch, commanding respect and sought for guidance, it appears I hold the position of an ATM, valued for money but little else. As I step down from hosting duties, passing them to Real Dad, cheers to the couple and the path they’ve chosen.” I finish my drink. “You can all let yourselves out.”

The OP then asked his GF to move out with her daughter and canceled all his financial support to his Ex GF and her daughter. He didn’t even bother to find out what happened with all the wedding plans and future wedding. He finally saw who they were and was happy to got out of such a family.

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My Step-Daughter Wants Her “Real Dad” to Give Her Away. My Revenge Toast at a Family Dinner Party
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