After a Business Failure, a 28-Year-Old Converts an Old Bluebird Bus into an Amazing Home with Stunning Interior. Just Look Inside!

Craig Gordinier’s journey is a testament to his unwavering determination and boundless imagination.

In his late twenties, he stood at a crossroads, faced with a decision that would shape his future: should he go back to the comfort of his parents’ house or venture down a different and exciting path?

Craig, with a thirst for adventure, decided to take the unconventional path and bought a school bus to make it his home.
The incredible adventure started in the early days of 2020.

After facing a setback with a business deal, Craig found himself in a state of introspection and reassessment.

In a candid interview with Rachel Ray on Yahoo! News, he openly discussed his experience, revealing that he found himself back at square one after a business deal fell through at the onset of the COVID pandemic. At just 27 years old, he found himself starting over, taking up residence on his parent’s couch.

Reflecting on this moment sparked a series of events that would shape the future.

Contemplating the idea of having to wait for years on end to finally embark on his dream of exploring the country in an RV, Craig couldn’t help but question the rationale behind postponing his aspirations.

What’s the point of waiting until retirement to pursue one’s dreams?

This epiphany prompted him to wholeheartedly pursue his dream at an earlier stage.

Craig embarked on a journey to find the ideal mobile home, delving into a range of possibilities, including sprinter vans and tiny homes.

After a long search, he finally discovered the perfect match for him – a bus situated in South Dakota.

“After exploring various options like sprinter vans, trailers, tiny homes, and buses, I stumbled upon the ideal bus located in South Dakota. I flew out there and purchased the bus,” he explains.

The long journey back to Massachusetts in his trusty 1991 Blue Bird school bus was a true testament to his unwavering dedication to this fresh chapter of his life.

Once we arrived, the true labor commenced.

Converting a school bus into a comfortable living area was quite a challenge.

Supported by his loved ones, Craig began an extensive renovation project.

The bus underwent a thorough transformation, with every detail carefully considered and customized.

With the addition of a residential door, a security pad, and a raised roof in the living area, the sense of space in this place has been greatly enhanced.

In addition, Craig incorporated lower storage boxes and a deck to conveniently transport his motorcycle, demonstrating his meticulousness and practical mindset.

The bus is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a complete home on wheels.

Craig has incorporated modern amenities into the design, including a roof deck, solar panels, and skylights, to provide both comfort and sustainability.

In addition, he has maintained the original driver’s seat area as a way to pay tribute to the bus’s rich history. I was determined to preserve this rich history. He reflects on his decision to preserve this piece of the bus’s past, describing it as a truly beautiful thing.

The interior of the bus is a remarkable blend of efficiency and style.

The kitchen is truly impressive, with its eco-friendly cabinets, practical slide-out storage, and a beautifully crafted three-burner propane cooktop.

Craig’s culinary needs are well taken care of with the stainless steel sink, a large freshwater tank, and a fridge and freezer combo.

The espresso bar and a fold-out table he built in high school give the space a unique and intimate feel, transforming it into more than just a practical area.

The bathroom and bedroom are equally impressive.

The bathroom showcases stunning blue glass tiles and a lavish rainfall showerhead, complete with cleverly concealed storage options.

Nestled at the rear of the bus, the bedroom provides a serene retreat, enhanced by a skylight that fills the area with an abundance of soothing natural light.

Craig shared his insightful philosophy about his unique home with Insider. He believes that just because houses have rooms, it doesn’t mean that a bus needs to have rooms.

It’s as if you’re living in a grand estate that can move.

Craig’s incredible journey of turning a regular school bus into a warm, trendy, and practical living space is a true reflection of his creative vision and exceptional skills.

The bus represents more than just a living space for Craig; it serves as a powerful symbol of his unwavering commitment to living life on his own terms.

To truly grasp the magnitude of this remarkable transformation, one must take a moment to watch the video below.

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After a Business Failure, a 28-Year-Old Converts an Old Bluebird Bus into an Amazing Home with Stunning Interior. Just Look Inside!
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