An Exceptional Performance of ‘Hallelujah’: A Golden Buzzer-Worthy Display of This Young Boy’s Incredible Singing Talent

I always wanted to be a star when I was a kid. I used to act like an actor when I walked the red carpet or went on stage to accept my award. I even thought about becoming a singer until I realized I wasn’t cut out to do that. I love shows like Britain’s Got Talent that give stars a chance these days. It really helps people who want to be the best in the entertainment business.

There’s something even more interesting about it: as each performer takes the stage, we hear their story. For the record, I think all of these people deserve to be here.

Today we’ll talk about a boy who won everyone’s heart, even though he didn’t think he was good enough because he was picked on a lot for his weight and love of music.

Because he was big and loved singing, the teenager was beaten and traumatized mentally in elementary school. “I don’t think those two go together,” he laughs.

“People thought I should be rapping. I don’t agree with it, though.”

A group of bullies hit him in the face with a metal scooter one time. Kyle says, “My mom was shaking with fear that I would go to school. She had no idea what would happen.”

Kyle says there were times he didn’t want to go to school because of bullying. “People were telling me you’re gay, fat, this, that, and more,” he says.

“People would take advantage of insignificant details. It’s only words, though. What does that mean? Words will never break me, even if they hit me hard. It has made me stronger today. It made me want to do it even more.”

That being said, I do want to thank them because they helped shape who I am today.

Getting through it was also made possible by the wonderful support of his family, especially his brothers Nathan, 29, and Ieuan, 23.

For the record, he first got on Britain’s Got Talent when he was only 12 years old. He could not move on to the second round at that point. David Walliams told him that he should take singing lessons to get better. The kid took David’s advice and spent more than £2,000 on voice lessons. After three years, he was back on the BGT stage.

The judges and the crowd were blown away by his performance of “Hallelujah” this time. He not only amazed them, he won them over by getting the rare golden buzzer for his charming and mesmerizing show!

Look at Kyle’s brilliance and passion in his eyes as you watch his fantastic performance below. It’s no surprise that he was awarded the desired gold buzzer!

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An Exceptional Performance of ‘Hallelujah’: A Golden Buzzer-Worthy Display of This Young Boy’s Incredible Singing Talent
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