12-Year-Old Boy Works Hard and Makes Money All Summer – His Mom Takes It and Says He Lied About It

Once upon a time, there was a determined young boy whose heart was set on getting a collection of toys. However, his parents were not willing to fulfill his wishes. Unconcerned, the boy took matters into his own hands and embarked on a mission to get his desired toys. He tirelessly undertook various odd jobs and small tasks, diligently saving every penny he earned. His unwavering determination paid off, as he ended up with an impressive amount of $100. However, to his disbelief, his own mother deceitfully took his hard-earned money and rudely claimed that it was all the product of his imagination!

Is it ever justifiable for parents to take money from their own children, even if it’s money that the kids have worked hard to earn? In a shocking turn of events, a mother displayed a complete lack of integrity by not only taking money from her own son, but also going so far as to accuse him of just imagining the whole thing. This distressing incident serves as a reminder of the importance of trust and honesty within family relationships.

The Reddit user had many nightmares about his parents as a child, but one from when he was 12 years old stood out. As he sat down to share his story on Reddit, the guy hoped that opening up would provide some relief and clarity.

Once upon a time, the original poster (OP) had a deep passion for constructing toy car models and collecting airsoft guns. So, when he stumbled upon a website that offered his favorite toys, he couldn’t help but be captivated and longed to add them to his collection. After carefully analyzing the amounts, he arrived at an approximate total of $100, which takes into account taxes and shipping charges.

The young boy eagerly approached his parents, filled with hope and excitement, as he made his humble request for them to order the toys he had been dreaming of. However, his heart sank as his parents gently declined his plea, leaving him feeling disappointed and sad. Nevertheless, the OP was resolute in finding a way to purchase them. He embarked on a path of dedication and put in a tremendous amount of effort for the following five to six months, focusing on activities that would generate income. In his own words:

“I would go door to door selling stuff a 12-year-old would make: drawings, sticks that I widdled into little spears, mowed a countless number of lawns, and walked many dogs.”

The author embarked on a charming adventure, going from house to house, offering his delightful drawings and skillfully crafted miniature spears made from sticks. Through a combination of mowing lawns and walking dogs, he managed to diligently grow his savings over the course of the summer. With unwavering determination, he successfully reached the coveted $100 mark!

The day he had been eagerly anticipating finally arrived, filling his heart with pure joy. A spirited and determined kid approached his parents, smiling with excitement, to share the news that he had successfully raised the money needed to purchase his cherished toys. He requested that they make their purchases online, using their credit card, with the assurance that he would reimburse them in cash.

The boy’s parents were in complete agreement and happily accompanied him to the computer. With great joy, he generously handed over the $100 to his father, filled with anticipation as he awaited their order. As OP observed with great interest, a bombshell was dropped by his parents who revealed that they were unable to fulfill the order due to a computer failure.

The OP had a deeper understanding of computers compared to his parents, which led him to quickly recognize that they were being dishonest with him. With unwavering trust in his gut, he boldly insisted on getting his money back. However, as he poured out his complaints, his mother swiftly snatched the cash and hurriedly retreated to her bedroom. In a state of utter disbelief, OP chased after her, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

In a desperate moment, the mother sought comfort behind the bathroom door, leaving OP on the other side. Frustration and desperation filled the air as he resorted to kicking and screaming, pleading for the return of his hard-earned $100. However, his mother consistently reassured him that he didn’t need this money and promised to transfer it to his college bank account.

The user was taken aback by the unexpected actions of their parents. Before he could fully comprehend the situation, his  father swiftly carried him out and locked him in his bedroom. After spending a whole day locked up in his room, he finally got the green light to go outside the following day.

When he came out, he saw that his parents were acting normally. He knew something wasn’t right, so he asked them to return his money and said, “I started my day by screaming and crying.” His mother asked, “What money? You consistently tell lies about having a lot of money.”

When she said that, OP was confused, and it hurt him to think that anyone who saw all of this would think something was wrong with him. Despite facing challenges, the boy remained persistent in his pursuit of his money.

He couldn’t believe it when his parents told him he was just making things up. He was accused of dishonesty and faced allegations of attempted theft. Reddit users who came across OP’s story took the time to share their thoughts on the matter.

Discovering the Reactions of Reddit Users to OP’s Heartbreaking Story

When the original poster expressed their distress on Reddit, an outpouring of people eagerly came in to share their thoughts. “Wow, this story is absolutely terrible. “What monsters,” one Redditor expressed in response. However, there were people who strongly believed that OP’s parents were even more terrible. In fact, one person expressed their opinion by saying:

“To be completely honest, calling them monsters would be a severe understatement.”

The $100 that OP’s parents took from him, they chose not to give it back to him and told him lies about it until he gave up asking again. “I never got that money back, but that day taught me a valuable lesson about trusting my parents with money. It was a reminder that some lessons are worth more than any amount of cash,” OP recounted.

When faced with the heartbreaking reality of his parents’ deceit and their refusal to return his hard-earned money, OP made the difficult decision to no longer place his trust in them when it comes to financial matters. Imagine the frustration of having your hard-earned money taken by your own parents, only to be accused of lying. It’s a situation that can leave you feeling betrayed and unsure of how to respond.

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12-Year-Old Boy Works Hard and Makes Money All Summer – His Mom Takes It and Says He Lied About It
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