Despite Her $182M Fortune, Adele Refuses to Buy an Expensive Gift for Her Son’s Birthday | PHOTOS

Back in October 2012, Adele became a proud mom to a sweet little guy named Angelo James. Angelo’s the result of Adele and her ex-husband Simon Konecki’s parenting adventures. Even though life took Adele and Simon on different journeys in 2019, they’re both rock-solid in their dedication to their awesome kid. Now, Angelo splits his time between houses in the UK and the US.

So, Adele, the mega-talented singer rolling in a cool $182 million, is switching gears for Angelo’s 11th birthday. Forget the fancy gifts – she’s planning a whole week of celebrations. In the midst of her Vegas gig, Adele’s trading her spotlight for party planner mode, making sure her son feels crazy special on his big day.

During one of her Vegas gigs, Adele spilled the beans about Angelo hitting the big 11, saying, “From a very young age, he seems to have adopted the same point of view, which isn’t quite as fun. He is my son, and obviously, I adore him, and he is like ‘can I do this and do that.’ I am like, ‘that is very expensive. You are 11, shouldn’t we be having a tea party still? But you know eleven-year-olds in 2023 are like going on 25?”

“He is more clued in than I ever was or will be. So, my week is probably gonna be all about getting bullied by an 11-year-old,” Adele joked.

Adele’s also spilled the tea on how she’s brainstorming baby names, saying, “I’ve actually been writing lists. So every time I see a name that I like, I write it down in my phone.”

When someone threw the names Spencer and Parker into the ring, Adele spilled that her boyfriend, Rich Paul, has a say in baby names too. She laughed, “I can’t say Parker because Rich likes that name!”

In a heartwarming moment at one of her shows, Adele helped a couple reveal their baby’s gender. The viral clip caught Adele getting all emotional about them having a baby boy, and she asked for a sweet favor in return. Now, folks are wondering if Adele’s catching baby fever herself.

In a chat back in June 2022, Adele’s boyfriend, Paul, talked about the idea of having “more kids.” With three already in the mix, he shared how being a dad when he was younger was tough while growing a business. Now, with older kids, he’s looking forward to being a more patient dad if they decide to add more to the crew.

Adele’s real talk reminds us that, beyond the crazy fame, her top gig is being a loving mom. In a world where the spotlight often outshines the personal stuff, Adele keeps it real, showing us the timeless magic of family and a mom’s love.

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Despite Her $182M Fortune, Adele Refuses to Buy an Expensive Gift for Her Son’s Birthday | PHOTOS
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