Joanna and Chip Gaines of ‘Fixer Upper’ Discuss the Ups and Downs of Marriage and the Intriguing New Chapter in Their Family’s Life

Joanna and Chip Gaines, known for their home transformations, are currently undergoing a period of personal evolution. In an interview with People for this week’s cover story, Joanna Gaines, 45, reflected on the significant changes in their lives, stating, “We’ve had so much change in our lives, and the proof is there.” Despite acknowledging the difficulty of change, she emphasized its inherent beauty.

The couple, celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, delved into the present state of their relationship, describing it as “the second part of our marriage.” Chip Gaines, 49, expressed, “Jo and I are in this beautiful moment. We’re evolving into each other.” Joanna Gaines added that, with age, she finds herself becoming more like Chip, and vice versa.

Their journey, well-known to fans through the reality TV series “Fixer Upper,” involves not only flipping homes but also building the Magnolia brand. This venture includes the Magnolia Journal, a quarterly lifestyle magazine, a lifestyle collection named “Hearth & Hand with Magnolia,” and a Waco-based coffee shop, Magnolia Press.

In 2022, they launched the Magnolia Television Network, a rebranding of the DIY Network, introduced on “Good Morning America.” Their latest project, Hotel 1928 in Waco, is featured in the show “Fixer Upper: The Hotel” on Max.

Their daughters, Ella, 17, and Emmie, 13, were notably impressed by Hotel 1928, likening the experience to being in New York City. The couple, who also share sons Drake, 18, Duke, 15, and Crew, 5, highlighted the unique perspective gained from having a child leave for college while still parenting a young child.

Reflecting on Drake’s departure for college earlier in the fall, Joanna Gaines expressed the complex emotions involved. She described it as a “tension of joy and pain, all in one breath,” emphasizing the fleeting nature of these moments. Setting the table serves as a poignant reminder of the changed dynamics in their household, prompting her to consciously acknowledge the absence. She concluded, “The greatest gift of having a kid go off to college and having a 5-year-old is that perspective. It’s not here forever. We don’t want to waste these moments.”

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Joanna and Chip Gaines of ‘Fixer Upper’ Discuss the Ups and Downs of Marriage and the Intriguing New Chapter in Their Family’s Life
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