These Quick-Feet Nuns Can’t Be Stopped on the Dance Floor!

Introducing the Soli Sisters hailing from Ontario, Canada. When not imparting the teachings of the Catholic faith or tending to the needs of the elderly, these sisters enthusiastically embrace contemporary dance challenges, all in a bid to uplift the spirits of those around them. Recently, they shared a heartwarming video on YouTube, accompanied by the uplifting caption, “Spreading our message of joy and faith in Christ, defying the challenges of a pandemic. Let us all rejoice in the Lord always! Alleluia, Alleluia! Wishing you a joyful Eastertide from the SOLI Sisters!”

Their remarkable performance has garnered an impressive 9.7 million views on YouTube, touching the hearts of viewers from diverse corners of the globe, who have expressed their admiration and support for the Sisters’ uplifting endeavors.

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