Dallas Cowboys Fan’s Water Breaks During The Sunday Night Football Game. Look At Her Precious Baby Here.

Haley and Tyler Waterman were prepared for a showdown: the Texan wife, an avid supporter of the Dallas Cowboys, and her husband, a fan of the Massachusetts-born Patriots, were eager to witness their beloved teams clash on October 1st in Arlington, Texas. Despite being nearly nine months pregnant, Haley wasn’t concerned, as their baby’s due date was still three weeks away. They were simply looking forward to one final night out before their baby girl made her entrance. The couple took their playful rivalry to the stadium, grabbed snacks from the concession stand, and settled in for an exciting game.

However, their plans took an unexpected turn due to their impending arrival. Once seated, Haley started experiencing what she initially believed were intense Braxton-Hicks contractions. She told TODAY that they persisted for a considerable duration, causing discomfort. As she stood up, she suddenly realized that her water had broken, surprising everyone around her.

The atmosphere among the spectators swiftly shifted from supporting their respective teams to rooting for the soon-to-be parents. Haley recalls that she kept announcing, with some volume, “My water’s broken, and we need to leave!” Despite feeling apprehensive and emotional, she maintained her composure as her husband assisted her to the top of their section, where a helpful security guard promptly called for medical assistance.

Although Tyler wanted to capture the moment, Haley summoned her strength and posed for a photo. Behind the facade, however, tears were streaming down her face. Fortunately, the ambulance swiftly transported the Watermans to the hospital, where they learned that Haley was already in active labor. Several hours later, they joyfully welcomed their daughter, Delaney Lou Waterman, into the world at 4:11 am on October 2, 2023.

Considering Delaney’s mixed team allegiances, her parents have decided to let her determine her own favorite. “We will let her make the decision,” her mother expressed. “We will always cheer the Cowboys on, and we will always cheer the Patriots on, but when they play against each other, it will be a house divided.”

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Dallas Cowboys Fan’s Water Breaks During The Sunday Night Football Game. Look At Her Precious Baby Here.
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