This Dad’s Hilarious School Pick-Up Routine Goes Viral and Is Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day | WATCH

When you’re a kid, nothing beats the feeling of that final school bell ringing, marking the end of the day’s learning. But for parents, picking up their kids from school can be pretty stressful, with all the carpool organizing and punctuality pressures. One dad, Jevin Smith, decided to turn this daily chore into something fun for himself.

Jevin, also known as Wealthy Jev on TikTok, is not just a dad and husband, but a comedian who has become quite the sensation lately. He started making these funny and exaggerated pick-up routines about a year ago when he went to get his daughter from school. He’s done it all, from wearing wild outfits like leopard print blazers and huge wigs with hats on top, to dancing and singing to all sorts of songs, all to embarrass his daughter in the ultimate way. How does she react? Well, she tries to hide her face, shakes her head, or even laughs along as her dad keeps going all the way to the car. While it might be embarrassing for his daughter, people on the internet have come to love his antics.

He’s got a whopping 939.7K followers on TikTok! Can you believe it? All tuning in and loving his hilarious parent pick-up moments. So, how does he top these videos? Simple, he got his son involved to make his daughter even more embarrassed. Smith posted a video of him and his son wearing backward hats and jerseys, singing 90s hits as they waited for his daughter, Jayna Reign, to come to the car. Seriously, dad? Smith promised an awesome video when he hits one million followers, and he’s not far off! We can only imagine what else he’s got planned for his followers. I bet there’ll be lots more dancing and singing.

@wealthyjev Here’s a #throwback of some of my most #embarrassing #DaddyDaughterPickUp s 😳🤣🚙 I know my daughter @Reigny cant wait yo graduate 🤷🏾‍♂️ Which #parentpickup was your favorite? 🤔 #throwbackthursday ♬ original sound – Wealthy Jev

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This Dad’s Hilarious School Pick-Up Routine Goes Viral and Is Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day | WATCH
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