Incredible Transformations of Women Before and After Nose Job: 10 PHOTOS

Plastic surgeries not only enhance appearances but also correct physiological issues. Today, we will showcase how rhinoplasty has transformed the faces of these women.


In the first photo, a closed-preserving ultrasonic rhinoplasty is depicted. This procedure is performed through microscopic incisions inside the nose, which helps preserve the natural tissues, cartilage, and ligaments completely. The young woman’s nose appears more refined, and the bump has been removed.


After the surgery, this young woman appeared several years younger. The surgeon altered the shape of her nose, resulting in a more graceful profile. It seems that her face has acquired more symmetrical features.


In reality, the work of a plastic surgeon demands significant qualifications and experience, as there are so many intricacies that the client may not be aware of. For instance, this photo represents a rhinoplasty of a woman with thick skin in a single operation. Typically, due to such a natural characteristic, achieving the desired result in one surgical intervention is challenging. However, the patient looks completely different, with facial features appearing more feminine.


Here is the intermediate result a month after the operation. The deviation of the nose was corrected, the hump was removed, and the size was altered. When reducing the nasal framework, the skin contracts, so in the hands of a skilled surgeon, everything will be done meticulously.


After this rhinoplasty, the young woman attained the sought-after “duchess” nose shape, which is the most common request in the surgeon’s office.

This type of nose suits almost everyone because it has a perfectly straight angle. It is named after the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as her facial proportions are considered the epitome of royal beauty standards.


In the next photo, the young woman’s appearance has completely changed for the better after the operation. The incorrect proportions of her nose were corrected, and a harmonious facial shape emerged.


In the seventh photo, the operation is showcased, which not only made the nose more elegant but also corrected functional issues in the upper jaw sinus. Remember that plastic surgeries can also address health problems in addition to enhancing appearance.


Modern technologies now allow for a preview of the plastic surgery results beforehand. This photo displays the desired nose of the client and the achieved outcome.


It’s important to remember that plastic surgery isn’t always appropriate. It should only be considered in cases where defects are clearly visible or when there are health issues present.


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