Mom Gets Married to a Son 31 Years Younger Than Her, and Now She Has to Fight to Keep Her Five Other Kids

A 53-year-old musician, Aisylu Chizhevskaya Mingalim, created shockwaves among child welfare experts when she married her 22-year-old adopted son, Daniel Chizhevsky. The controversial union took place on October 20 at a restaurant in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, Russia. Mingalim, who had been caring for Daniel since he was 14, adopted him after meeting him at an orphanage where she taught singing, when he was just 13, as per local media reports.

As a consequence of her actions, authorities have taken five other adopted children from Mingalim’s custody, comprising four girls and one boy. In response, Aisylu has contested this move, expressing concern that some of the children have been placed back into care homes, while others have returned to their biological families. Additionally, Mingalim has a biological son from a previous marriage.

Mingalim shared with local media that her romantic relationship with Daniel blossomed after she brought him home from the orphanage, describing their bond as inseparable and harmonious. She emphasized, “Our relationship is perfect. We can’t live without each other. We are on the same wavelength.”

Reports from local media disclosed that Mingalim began adopting children following her encounters with orphans during a film project with a Tatarstan TV station. Presently, she intends to leave Tartarstan, aiming to relocate to Moscow along with her new husband and reclaim her adopted children to provide them with a life of freedom.

In an unrelated incident earlier this year, Patricia Spann, another woman, married two of her biological children and expressed interest in starting a relationship with a third. Her eldest son condemned her actions, describing her as “worthless,” “disgusting,” and a “predator.” He expressed to People in September 2016, “I think she’s just a sick, twisted individual that has something messed up in her head.” The authorities unintentionally discovered the disturbing love triangle, resulting in the family’s separation and the incarceration of the mother and daughter.

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Mom Gets Married to a Son 31 Years Younger Than Her, and Now She Has to Fight to Keep Her Five Other Kids
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