Natalie Grant and Dolly Parton Collaborate on a Stunning Rendition of ‘Step By Step’

Natalie Grant and Dolly Parton have teamed up for an amazing performance of the song ‘Step By Step.’ This collaboration has stirred up excitement among music enthusiasts everywhere.

According to Natalie Grant, the song ‘Step By Step’ holds a special place in her heart. Back in 1996, she used to play the song on repeat on her trusty cassette player while driving her old Volkswagen Golf to her job at Medicare. At that time, her aspirations were rooted in music, not the medical field. Nevertheless, she was determined to keep moving forward, one step at a time, just as the song suggests.

Reflecting on the extraordinary opportunity to record the same song with the legendary Dolly Parton, Grant expressed her disbelief at the incredible journey she’s had since her days with the beat-up Volkswagen. “If you would’ve told me then that one day, I would not only be recording this song, but doing it with an international icon, I never ever would’ve believed it. I still can’t believe it,” she shared.

The rendition of ‘Step By Step’ by these two talented artists will be part of Natalie Grant’s upcoming album ‘Seasons,’ scheduled for release this October. The album, comprising ten tracks, will showcase Grant’s personal interpretations of songs that have profoundly impacted her life and career.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this delightful rendition of the song today!

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Natalie Grant and Dolly Parton Collaborate on a Stunning Rendition of ‘Step By Step’
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