Plastic Surgery Destroyed Her Career: The Story of Jennifer Grey | ‘After’ Photos

In 1987, the whole world was shaken by the movie “Dirty Dancing” – it was loved by audiences and brought in a good income for its creators.

The movie’s production costs were only $6 million, but it earned nearly 200 million. Aside from its captivating plot, the success of the film was attributed to the actors who played the lead roles: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

Where is this actress now, and why is this the only famous movie she appeared in? You can find out more in the article below.

Actress Jennifer Grey is a unique case in Hollywood. We all know that in its cruel world, appearance plays a decisive role. Interestingly, being a beauty is not the most crucial factor. What really matters is the memorability of one’s appearance, a certain uniqueness that sets one apart.

Jennifer Grey wasn’t the epitome of beauty, but she had something endearing, sweet, and girlish that money couldn’t buy. However, like most girls, she aspired to be a beauty. According to her, the main hindrance was her own nose – it didn’t fit within the existing standards of beauty. And this is what led to her downfall.

The pinnacle of Jennifer Grey’s career came in 1987 when she landed a role in the film “Dirty Dancing.”

Finally, in the credits of the film, the name Jennifer Grey appeared alongside the lead performers, silencing all her critics. It was a monumental breakthrough in her career. For her performance, the actress received her only, and never-again-repeated, Golden Globe award. Interestingly, in the film, Jennifer Grey, whose photos were now gracing the covers of glossy magazines, played a character who was 10 years younger than the actress herself.

Jennifer Grey after plastic surgery

Her appearance in this film turned Jennifer Grey, as well as Patrick Swayze, into global stars.

She was offered leading roles and enormous paychecks, but she wanted beauty. The actress decided to get rid of the nose that, in her view, had ruined her life, and opted for rhinoplasty.

Jennifer Grey after the plastic surgery obtained a perfectly beautiful face, the kind you see thousands of in Hollywood. However, she wasn’t recognized, not just by audiences, but her friends and family couldn’t recognize her either – her face had changed so drastically. Offers poured in for her to act after “Dirty Dancing,” but when directors and producers saw her, they simply turned her down.

Jennifer Grey’s career after rhinoplasty

Francis Ford Coppola, who invited the girl to act in his new movie, told her, “With your new face, you will have an entirely different biography, and you need to start over from scratch. You need a new ‘Dirty Dancing’ like the air you breathe because now you have become fiction.” Jennifer Grey lost all the contracts she had secured after the noisy success of “Dirty Dancing” due to the plastic surgery.

As a result, her further career didn’t go well. She had to settle for episodes and supporting roles. Her work rarely resonated with critics or audiences. In 1989, she appeared in the comedy “Bloodhounds of Broadway,” for which Madonna received the “Golden Raspberry” anti-award. She even landed the lead role in the film “Wind” about a prestigious sailing regatta, but the film flopped.

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Plastic Surgery Destroyed Her Career: The Story of Jennifer Grey | ‘After’ Photos
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