A Kind Teacher Saves Student’s Life, But It’s Not What You Think! A Story of Unexpected Heroism

In the world of teenage struggles, Roman McCormick has faced more than his fair share of health challenges. Since he was born, he’s been dealing with a rare illness called Bor Syndrome that messes up how his kidneys work. At just 15, his kidneys were in really bad shape.

So, Roman and his family decided to go on TV and ask folks in their area if anyone might be able to give Roman a kidney. They weren’t sure if anyone would step up, but someone who knew Roman saw him on TV and wanted to help.

This Good Samaritan was Eddie McCarthy, who had been Roman’s geometry teacher at Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio the year before. Eddie is also a dad, and he couldn’t ignore the feeling that he needed to help Roman and his family. He put himself in their shoes and thought about how he’d feel if it were his child.

The very next day, Eddie went to get checked to see if his kidney could work for Roman. He didn’t want to overthink it because he was afraid he might change his mind. After waiting for five long months, the test results finally came back, and they were fantastic! Eddie’s kidney was a perfect match for Roman. It felt like it was meant to be.

All that was left was to share the incredible news with Roman’s family. Eddie personally called Roman’s mom, Jamie Redd, and told her he could give his kidney to Roman. Jamie was overjoyed. She felt like a big prayer had been answered. She was also happy that the person helping Roman was someone who knew him well, understood what he was going through, and knew how much he deserved this.

Roman’s dad, Dan McCormick, felt equally grateful. He was really happy that the person giving his son a new kidney was someone who knew Roman so well. He also had mixed feelings because he felt guilty that Roman got sick because of him. But knowing that there was someone who could help his son meant everything to him.

Now, everyone – Eddie, Roman’s mom, and dad – is hopeful that this new kidney will make Roman healthier and let him go back to doing things he loves, like playing soccer and hanging out with friends. Jamie Redd said she hopes the surgery will give her son “his teenage years back.”

Jamie also mentioned that no matter how much she thanks Eddie for his big-hearted gift, it could never be enough for this amazing thing he’s doing. Then, on July 19, the news came that both Roman and Eddie had their surgeries, and the kidney transplant worked! Everyone is sending them good vibes as they recover. And they’re all so thankful to Eddie for this incredible act of kindness.

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A Kind Teacher Saves Student’s Life, But It’s Not What You Think! A Story of Unexpected Heroism
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