WATCH: Dog’s Assistance with Newborn Twins Makes It an Internet Sensation: ‘She’s my girls’ guardian angel’

When it comes to introducing a new baby to a household with pets, many new parents are familiar with the blend of excitement and apprehension that accompanies the event. Josh and Kelly Rheaume’s story, however, took an unexpected turn with their dog Lucy. The couple’s beloved canine, almost seven years old, had been an integral part of their lives. As the news of twin arrivals reverberated through their home, the Rheaumes wondered how Lucy would adapt. Josh recounted, “She was confused. For about five, six days, she was very standoffish… She tried to go in the car seat…trying to take their place so she could get our attention again. It was quite sad actually.”

Yet, the tides of affection soon changed, and Lucy’s love for the twins flourished. Recognizing the need to incorporate her into their newfound family dynamic, the couple decided to leverage Lucy’s repertoire of learned tricks. A heartwarming TikTok video captured the essence of their journey. In the footage, Lucy effortlessly fetched clothes, a diaper, and even a trolley, all upon Josh’s commands. The video conveyed the bond between Lucy and the twins, culminating in a heartfelt expression of gratitude: “We wouldn’t have done it without you, baby girl.”

Lucy’s role as a guardian angel to the twins wasn’t just a result of training; it was a testament to the deep connection forged between humans and animals. The video’s narrative highlighted Lucy’s pivotal presence in their lives, and how her role evolved into that of a guardian angel for the newborns. The Rheaumes shared their journey on social media, receiving over 50,000 views and 7,000 likes, resonating with people who recognized the incredible bond between humans and their four-legged companions.

The roots of this remarkable story trace back seven years when Josh adopted Lucy during a challenging period in his life. Having lost his job and a beloved pet, he sought companionship and found it in Lucy. Their strong bond flourished as he patiently taught her tricks and commands. Lucy’s ability to recognize items and associate them with words became a unique trait, solidifying her place not just as a pet, but as a treasured member of the family.

Josh’s advice to fellow dog owners aspiring to train their furry friends is a reflection of the patience and positivity that underscore their relationships. He emphasized the importance of fostering a strong bond before embarking on training endeavors, as dogs thrive on the desire to please their human companions. Josh’s words resonate as a reminder that the journey of training a dog is a two-way street, where patience and love pave the way for remarkable achievements.

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WATCH: Dog’s Assistance with Newborn Twins Makes It an Internet Sensation: ‘She’s my girls’ guardian angel’
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