When George Clooney’s Children Visited Him on Set: A Day of Confusion Amidst a Kiss with Longtime Friend Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts and George Clooney, two Hollywood icons, have not only individually captured the spotlight but also solidified their stardom through their remarkable friendship. Emerging from the success of the hit heist film “Ocean’s Eleven,” their bond has consistently illuminated red carpets and events they’ve attended together.

The trajectories of these actors’ careers began in the 1980s, with Roberts taking the lead with her unforgettable roles in beloved classics like “Mystic Pizza,” “Steel Magnolias,” and notably, “Pretty Woman.” Portraying a working woman with a heart of gold who falls for an affluent businessman played by Richard Gere, Roberts secured her status as America’s sweetheart. Her journey continued with romantic comedies such as “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “Notting Hill,” and “Runaway Bride.” However, it was her portrayal of the sharp and street-smart legal assistant in “Erin Brockovich” that earned her an Academy Award, ensuring her lasting legacy in cinema’s pantheon.

George Clooney, a Hollywood heartthrob, gained widespread acclaim through his role as Dr. Doug Ross on “ER” from 1994 to 1999 before venturing into leading roles in films. Among his notable works are “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “One Fine Day,” “Batman & Robin,” “The Peacemaker,” “Out Of Sight,” “Three Kings,” and “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” His accomplishments include receiving the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

The synergy between Julia and George has manifested in six film collaborations, with their most recent being the 2022 romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise.” In an interview with Hoda Kotb on October 10, 2022, the close friends fondly recounted the humorous awkwardness of a kissing scene they shared, along with the bemused expressions on George’s children’s faces.

Their friendship has thrived for over two decades without any romantic undertones. Both maintain their personal relationships while having been married twice. George, once Hollywood’s eligible bachelor, tied the knot with lawyer Amal Clooney in 2014, marking a change in his personal narrative. Similarly, Julia Roberts found her second husband, Daniel Moder, while working on the dark comedy “The Mexican” in 2000. Their love story unfolded amid life’s complexities, leading to marriage in 2002 and the expansion of their family.

In “Ticket to Paradise,” George and Julia portrayed warring exes, adding a unique dynamic to their collaboration. During filming, a kissing scene posed a lighthearted challenge, with George’s family present on set. Their hilarious attempt, marked by 79 takes of laughter and one successful kiss, showcased their genuine friendship.

The humor and camaraderie evident in Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s interactions on and off-screen highlight the depth of their connection. As they continue to create cinematic moments together, their fans can only anticipate more heartwarming anecdotes from these longtime friends.

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When George Clooney’s Children Visited Him on Set: A Day of Confusion Amidst a Kiss with Longtime Friend Julia Roberts
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