Off-Duty Firefighter and Nurse Couple Does Impossible to Save Neighbor’s Life Who Collapsed Outside Their Door

In an unexpected twist of fate, a heroic couple’s quick thinking and decisive action saved their neighbor’s life, ensuring he would live to see his impending wedding day. Chris Favorin, on the brink of his own wedding, found himself in a dire situation when he experienced upper body cramping that escalated into a suspected heart attack. With little time to spare, he turned to his neighbors, nurse practitioner Rachel Mowry and her firefighter/EMT husband Christopher, for help.

Favorin’s distress led him to his neighbor’s porch, where he collapsed after ringing the doorbell. Rachel and Christopher Mowry, who were fortunately at home, immediately sprang into action. Witnessing their neighbor’s pale and sweaty appearance and witnessing his convulsions, they dialed 911 and embarked on a mission to revive him. Even as professionals in their respective fields, the couple found themselves grappling with the gravity of the situation. “We just did our job,” Christopher humbly stated, while Rachel, despite her expertise, confessed to silently praying for divine intervention.

For 14 harrowing minutes, the Mowrys tirelessly administered chest compressions, finally succeeding in restoring Favorin’s pulse. A subsequent setback saw Favorin’s heart stop once more, but the Mowrys’ steadfast efforts proved fruitful again. Thankfully, EMS arrived promptly, transporting Favorin to the hospital. Standing witness to this dramatic ordeal was his fiancée, overwhelmed by the fear of losing her partner. The couple’s wedding date loomed just around the corner, set for September 10, 2022.

Favorin’s plea to Rachel, “Just keep me alive for the wedding,” took on a profound meaning as doctors later discovered a life-threatening blockage in his cardiac artery, aptly nicknamed the “widow maker.” This close call reinforced Favorin’s determination to survive and ensure his fiancée would not become a widow. The Mowrys, firmly believing in fate’s role, recognized their unique positioning to save a life. “Somehow, God put me and my husband in the right place at the right time,” Rachel reflected.

As fate would have it, Favorin survived the ordeal, attributing his survival to the Mowrys’ swift intervention. The couple, whose nuptials the Mowrys attended as honored guests, acknowledged the pivotal role their heroic neighbors played in their journey to the altar. Reflecting on the ordeal, Favorin expressed profound gratitude, asserting that the Mowrys’ actions made the difference between life and death. Their courageous efforts cemented their status as true heroes and the ultimate neighbors anyone could hope for.

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Off-Duty Firefighter and Nurse Couple Does Impossible to Save Neighbor’s Life Who Collapsed Outside Their Door
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