Heartbreaking Video: Shelter Dog, Struggling for 650 Days, Finds Solace by Sucking on a Blanket to Self-Soothe

A heartwarming video featuring a senior dog seeking comfort in a blanket has captured the attention of TikTok users. The footage, shared by Julie Saraceno, a graphic designer and photographer from Pasco, Washington, shows Snoopy, a Staffordshire terrier with Cushing’s disease, who has spent a staggering 650 days at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society without being adopted. In the clip, Snoopy can be seen lying inside his cage, clutching one end of the blanket with his paws and mouth. Saraceno revealed that this self-soothing behavior is not limited to blankets alone, as Snoopy also sucks on his toys. The staff at the shelter confirmed that this has been a recurring habit during his time there.

According to a study published in March 2019, social isolation is one of the main stressors for dogs in animal shelters. The research emphasizes that human interaction plays a vital role in reducing stress levels, with longer periods of interaction potentially yielding greater effects. Cushing’s disease, which Snoopy suffers from, involves excessive hormone production by the adrenal glands. Veterinarians Malcolm Weir and Ernest Ward explain that these glands regulate various bodily functions, and when the production of substances like cortisol (commonly known as cortisone) becomes imbalanced, it can be life-threatening for dogs.

Despite Snoopy’s prolonged stay at the shelter, a recent video reveals that he has been overlooked due to his age and special needs. Diagnosed with Cushing’s disease over a year ago, Snoopy also experiences vision, hearing, weight, and skin problems. The heartwarming video of Snoopy finding solace in his blanket has garnered immense love and support on TikTok, with users expressing their affection for him and hoping that he will find a loving home soon.

@juliesaraceno2 Replying to @Cmg Snoopy is hoping today will be the day he goes home. 💜 Don’t worry, he does have his new bed and this is an older video. 💜 Snoopy has been a shelter dog for over 600 days. He has what is called cushings disease. He takes meds daily to treat this, along with being on a special diet. It gives him issues with his vision, hearing and weight. The shelter is open today between 11 to 4. Stop by to meet him! #shelterdogsrock #seniordogsrule #adoptme #themoreyouknow #tricitieswa ♬ Pastlives – sapientdream

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Heartbreaking Video: Shelter Dog, Struggling for 650 Days, Finds Solace by Sucking on a Blanket to Self-Soothe
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