Abandoned at 9 Weeks of Pregnancy on Christmas Eve: Behold Mam Nata and Her 14 Precious Puppies – Prepare to Be Amazed!

A pregnant dog found herself abandoned in front of a local shelter, and while carrying her young for 9 weeks, she miraculously gave birth to a litter of 14 incredibly adorable puppies.

Mam Nata, the pregnant dog, was left outside the Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) shelter on a chilly Christmas Eve. At the time, she was around 8 weeks pregnant and teetering on the edge of giving birth.

When the caring folks at IAPA stumbled upon Mam Nata, they encountered a scene of immense distress. She was frightfully weak and unable to stand on her own. It took considerable effort and time to help her calm down from the overwhelming fear she felt.

The reason for her abandonment was rooted in her owner’s overwhelming anxiety regarding the impending arrival of the puppies. The sheer terror led them to make the heart-wrenching decision to leave Mam Nata behind.

Upon encountering the shelter volunteers, Mam Nata exhibited an intense sense of protectiveness. She poured all her energy into creating a barrier between herself and the volunteers, determined to shield her unborn pups. Gradually, as time passed, she began to loosen her guard and display a more sociable demeanor.

“Observe her swollen belly; it’s possible that there are 13 or 14 little ones nestled inside. We’re aiming to arrange a test for her tomorrow, considering her weakened state,” one volunteer mentioned, noting the urgency of the situation.

Guided by the shelter staff, Mam Nata returned to the safety of the shelter premises, equipped with the assistance required for a successful delivery. Against all odds, she managed to give birth, and the very first addition to the family proved to be an incredibly vibrant young male pup.

Following the joyous occasion, Mam Nata and her 14 bundles of joy underwent a comprehensive veterinary check-up. They received ultrasounds and blood tests, leaving Mam Nata with a flushed appearance. The puppies, on the other hand, were all plump and exhibited considerable weight.

“As I witnessed Mam Nata’s beaming smile, I must admit, it stirred deep emotions within me. These precious babies are undeniably irresistible—I couldn’t resist the urge to shower them with affectionate kisses.”

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Abandoned at 9 Weeks of Pregnancy on Christmas Eve: Behold Mam Nata and Her 14 Precious Puppies – Prepare to Be Amazed!
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