You Won’t Believe What This McDonald’s Cashier Did to Restore Faith in Humanity! He Went Viral And Absolutely Deserved It!

A lot of us enjoy getting a burger, some nuggets, and a tasty shake from McDonald’s when we’re hungry. But when times are tough financially, some of us might struggle to pay for our meal.

That’s exactly what happened to Jason Mosier, but a cashier at McDonald’s made his day with a really kind gesture. He took a selfie with his order and posted it on Facebook, saying, “I want to give a shoutout to this young guy named Hayden who works at the McDonald’s on exit 8 of 25E near i81. I stopped by there to grab a quick bite on my way home. I placed my order and tried to pay with my card.”

He explained, “My card wouldn’t work at all. The total came to 8 bucks. Before I knew it, the cashier Hayden took out his own debit card, swiped it, and said, ‘I got you, don’t worry about it.'”

He went on to say, “I told him no, just cancel the order, please. But he said, ‘No sir, I’ve got it.’ All I had in cash was 4 one dollar bills, so I made him take the 4 bucks and promised I’d come back to pay him back. I thanked him, he gave me my bag, and I left. When I got to my truck and checked the bag, I found the 4 bucks and my receipt with the words ‘Have a Blessed Day’ on it. Well, that young man truly made my day. Thank you, and never lose that generous spirit. The world is a better place with you around. I had to go back in and take a picture with him so I could brag about him because he truly deserves it.”

People on Facebook were really impressed, and Hayden received a lot of praise. “@Cynthia Engleman commented, “We need more amazing people like him in this crazy world.” “@Cait Marie added, “His parents are doing something right, or someone in his life is teaching him well! How sweet.”

Meanwhile, another McDonald’s employee from Coventry, England, is also brightening people’s days with acts of kindness. Joshua Henry, a Twitter user with the handle @Josh_henry_1, shared his experience of how an employee at the drive-thru paid for his meal using her own bank card.

In the video, Joshua can be heard asking the worker, “So you’re going to pay for my meal?” Enya replied, “Yeah, because you called your mom and asked if she wanted anything from McDonald’s.”

Enya, who is studying finance, told The Sun that she has been doing this for a while and frequently pays for her customers’ meals. She earns £7.25 ($9.24) per hour, but she has spent over £50 ($63.72) on random acts of kindness for customers. She often pays for a coffee or a burger when she thinks others would appreciate it.

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You Won’t Believe What This McDonald’s Cashier Did to Restore Faith in Humanity! He Went Viral And Absolutely Deserved It!
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