VIDEO: Dynamic Duo Stuns the Crowd with their Swing Dance to ‘Macarena’, Leaving Everyone in Awe

Some types of dancing, like swing dance, can really get us excited and moving our feet to the impressive moves that some people can showcase. There was a video from January 5, 2020, that captured the attention of the crowd at the annual BudaFest dance event in Budapest, Hungary. Two dancers, Emeline Rochefeuille and Jordan Frisbee, amazed the audience with their West Coast Swing interpretation of the popular 1996 song ‘Macarena’ by Los del Río. They were paired randomly and improvised a captivating routine that had the crowd cheering. This video is guaranteed to make you want to jump up and dance along too!

For dance enthusiasts, imagine performing a dance without any prior practice. Improvisation in dance numbers is thrilling to witness because it demands incredible creativity from the dancers. This becomes even more impressive when two dancers have to improvise without knowing the song they will be performing to in advance. That’s exactly the case at BudaFest, a dance event where partners are randomly matched just moments before hitting the dance floor. Jordan Frisbee experienced this firsthand. Once his partner, Emeline Rochefeuille, was randomly chosen, he visibly felt relieved and embraced her. Emeline is a professional dancer from France, while Jordan is a swing dance champion from America. Despite their differences, the pair came together and created a charismatic choreography that captivated viewers long after the video was posted on Youtube. They merged the energetic West Coast Swing with the iconic Macarena style, resulting in an unforgettable fusion.

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VIDEO: Dynamic Duo Stuns the Crowd with their Swing Dance to ‘Macarena’, Leaving Everyone in Awe
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