Security Guards Rescue Choking Baby — Say Divine Intervention Guides Their Path. VIDEO

Two security guards are receiving praise as heroes for helping a mother whose baby son was choking.

Joey Madrigal and Niko Nesbeth drove into a busy intersection in Beverley Hills, where they noticed a happening scene at a gas station, just before noon.

A mother, holding her baby, was desperately shouting if anyone present was a doctor. Despite not being a doctor himself, Nesbeth, a former marine, immediately rushed to help.

Without much time to comprehend the situation, the mother practically handed her baby to Nesbeth, who consulted with his partner.

Realizing that the baby’s face had turned blue, he promptly turned the baby over and started patting his back to clear the airways.

“At that moment, he tells me the baby isn’t breathing. Right then and there, I knew I had to slow down time, gather all the facts, and piece everything together because I was responsible for getting the rescue done as quickly as possible,” said Madrigal.

Working as private security guards for Covered 6, Madrigal used his private line to 911 to urgently request an ambulance.

Nesbeth expressed his joy, saying, “It felt incredible to help the community, especially a little child.”

The entire incident was captured by the gas station’s security cameras, and these two men are being hailed as heroes for their fast and decisive actions, which saved the baby’s life.

Nesbeth and Madrigal believe that some kind of divine intervention led them to arrive at the scene exactly when they were needed.

Check out the video below:

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Security Guards Rescue Choking Baby — Say Divine Intervention Guides Their Path. VIDEO
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