Suspended in Silence: The Astonishing Traffic Stop that Unraveled a Disturbing Crime And Made the Officer Hero

On the morning of May 28, as the sun started to rise over the South Carolina sky, Officer Wallace from the North Myrtle Beach Police Department was doing her usual patrols along U.S. Highway 17. Little did she know, her routine shift would turn into an extraordinary act of bravery and vigilance that saved a life and brought justice.

Around 5:30 am, while on patrol, Officer Wallace noticed a white jeep running a red light at an intersection. She pulled over the vehicle. It was then that her sharp instincts, honed by her years of experience, picked up on distress signals from the female driver.

Engaging with the people in the car, Officer Wallace sensed the signs of fear. The distressed woman silently mouthed the words “Help Me” while the male passenger was distracted.

Recognizing the plea for help, Officer Wallace took immediate action. She asked the suspect to sit in her patrol car, separating him from the victim, and further investigated the situation. The female driver urgently revealed that the passenger had recently shot someone.

In a twist of fate, a police radio alert, known as a ‘Bolo’ (Be On The Look Out), came through, describing a vehicle involved in a recent shooting. The coinciding circumstances led to the arrest of the male passenger and the discovery of an illegally carried gun hidden under his seat.

The suspect, Collin Bates, a 29-year-old resident of Columbia, South Carolina, was later identified. He now faces multiple charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping, highlighting the seriousness of his crimes.

The North Myrtle Beach Police Department praised Officer Wallace’s dedication and bravery in a Facebook post, stating, “We’re fortunate to have Officer Wallace in our department and community. Great job!”

Officer Wallace’s story serves as a powerful reminder that while we sleep peacefully, there are dedicated protectors who watch over us, serving as the strong guardians of our communities. Let’s always remember their courage and unwavering commitment to keeping us safe

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Suspended in Silence: The Astonishing Traffic Stop that Unraveled a Disturbing Crime And Made the Officer Hero
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