Will Poulter Puzzled Over His Nickname as the ‘Eyebrow Actor’ and Did Something Unexpected About That

Will Poulter, known for his roles in movies like The Maze Runner and Guardians of the Galaxy, has often been jokingly called the ‘Eyebrow Actor.’ While some might laugh it off, Poulter tackled this head-on, sending a strong message that goes beyond being known for just one thing.

He’s talked a lot about his own struggles with mental health and the tough times he had growing up. Looking back, Poulter said, “I wasn’t the happiest kid at school, mostly because I felt lost. I didn’t think I was good at anything.”

Everything changed for Poulter when he got a chance to act in a movie. This lucky break helped him find his passion and gave him hope during hard times.

Poulter believes it’s not right to talk about someone else’s body. In an interview, he shared some of his own experiences, saying, “For the past few years, almost every day, someone snaps a picture without asking, which is pretty uncomfortable.” He added, “Being a guy has mostly shielded me from being treated like an object.”

He also said, “It felt strange when people started arguing about my looks online, deciding whether they found me attractive or not. I’m cool with not being traditionally handsome… but it makes you think, why do we spend so much time talking about how people look?”

Poulter points out how social media can be a problem. Everyone’s opinions are treated as equal, and this leads to unnecessary and harmful chatter about looks. He’s felt the effects of this, especially when pictures comparing his looks over ten years went viral.
Poulter shared a story about someone congratulating him on his “glow up” or improvement over time. But he can’t help but take it as a backhanded compliment, hinting that he wasn’t attractive before.

He even mentioned times when people compared him to a cartoon character. But Poulter took it in stride, dressing up as Sid from Toy Story to stand up for kids who get teased at school.

He’s very against commenting on others’ bodies, especially his own unique feature — the eyebrows. He finds it weird that he’s known as the ‘Eyebrow Actor’ online, saying, “Most actors have eyebrows, it’s weird that I’m the only one who comes up when you search for ’the actor with the eyebrows’.”

Poulter’s own experiences have led him to fight against teasing. He believes that the teasing we experience when we’re young can have a lasting effect, saying, “It’s really sad that teasing can leave such a long-term mark. That’s why I want to help make schools a happier and safer place.”

Actors like Poulter, who started in Hollywood as kids, face their own set of mental health challenges. Despite their talent and early success, the pressure from the industry can be tough. Famous actor Daniel Radcliffe has also spoken up about this. It’s important that the movie industry looks after the mental health of child actors.

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Will Poulter Puzzled Over His Nickname as the ‘Eyebrow Actor’ and Did Something Unexpected About That
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