VIDEO: How Did Pepper the Sheepdog End Up in Little Chris’s Crib? Naptime Secrets Revealed!

People usually say dogs are a man’s best friend, but this story might make you think they’re a child’s best friend, too. This is about Pepper, an Old English Sheepdog, who loved to nap with her little buddy.

The video starts with a dad walking into his little boy’s room. He finds his toddler standing in his crib, but he’s not alone. Pepper is sitting right next to him, quiet as a mouse.

The little boy looks so happy to have Pepper with him in the crib. It’s clear that the boy and the dog are excited to be sharing the crib. The conversation between the dad and his son shows just that. In the end, the dad lets his son and Pepper have their fun.

The video starts with the dad walking into his son’s room. He sees his little boy standing, holding on to the crib’s wooden sides. The boy doesn’t look worried when his dad walks in. His dog friend, Pepper, is sitting next to him, looking at the dad as if wondering why he’s interrupting their fun time.

“Chris, what are you doing with Pepper in your crib?” the dad asks his son.

There’s also another cute dog in the room with the dad, walking around and probably wondering what Pepper is doing in Chris’s crib. Chris doesn’t answer his dad, but just looks at him, probably hoping he won’t take Pepper away. Pepper just sits there and doesn’t say anything. The dad tries to ask Pepper why she’s in the crib, but Pepper doesn’t respond.

Since the dad isn’t getting any answers, he asks Chris and Pepper to say hi. Chris happily says, “Hi,” and waves his hand. The dad notices that the other dog, Chilli, also wants to join Chris and Pepper in the crib and says, “Chilli wants in.”

The dad again asks Pepper why she’s in the crib. Pepper doesn’t look at the dad this time and just ignores his question. Then Chris says something that his dad can’t understand, maybe asking his dad to leave them alone. Finally, the dad understands that his son and Pepper are having fun and decides to leave them, saying, “Alright! Time for your nap. Goodnight everybody.”

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VIDEO: How Did Pepper the Sheepdog End Up in Little Chris’s Crib? Naptime Secrets Revealed!
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