Hilarious Thanksgiving Prank: Family Tricks Parents with ‘Bun in the Oven’ Announcement. Watch the Video Here.

Sarah Benibo and her family had a memorable Thanksgiving reunion last November when they decided to surprise her parents with the news of her second pregnancy. The idea for a prank came from her sister, Sophia Stephens, who suggested a “bun in the oven” trick during their stay at an Airbnb in California. Initially skeptical, Sarah agreed, and they arranged for groceries to be delivered while their parents, Dorretta and Ron Stephens, were en route. Once everyone was together, they staged the prank, which was captured on camera by Sophia and later shared on Instagram. The video quickly went viral.

In the footage, the sisters inform their parents about an unusual discovery in the Airbnb kitchen—an isolated hamburger bun found in the oven. As they explained the idiomatic expression, Dorretta gradually realized the true meaning behind their words.

Dorretta shared her initial confusion, stating that she had no inkling of what was happening until Sarah opened the oven. Ron also admitted to being baffled, only grasping the situation when the happy news was revealed to him. Both parents fell for the prank, despite pranks not being a usual occurrence in their family. Sarah explained that the joyous occasion of expecting a baby warranted the lighthearted trick, especially considering her previous struggles with fertility.

After the surprise was unveiled, Sarah and her family celebrated the upcoming addition to their family. It wasn’t until recently, in honor of her mother’s birthday, that Sarah decided to share the amusing video. She had initially forgotten about it after returning from California and moving on with their lives. However, when her mother’s birthday approached, she felt it was the perfect opportunity to showcase her mother’s personality.

Now, Sarah and her husband, Bio Dienye Benibo, are eagerly preparing for the arrival of their second child, a baby girl. The Stephenses, excited to become grandparents for the third time, eagerly anticipate spoiling their new grandchild.

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Hilarious Thanksgiving Prank: Family Tricks Parents with ‘Bun in the Oven’ Announcement. Watch the Video Here.
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