Mother Gives Birth to Identical Triplets Who Become OB-GYN Doctors, Following in Her Footsteps. Just Look at Them Now!

In a remarkable turn of events, a mother gave birth to three identical triplet daughters, and little did she know that someday her beloved daughters would join her in the same profession. The three daughters chose to pursue the same career as their mother, exemplifying the influence of genetics, passion, and a strong familial bond.

Dr. Janet Gersten, a pioneering female OB/GYN in south Miami since 1983, started her own private practice after graduating with honors. Later, she established her own private clinical research site.

The news of expecting triplets came as a surprise to Janet since there were no previous cases in the family. However, she handled the situation with confidence. At 35 weeks, she underwent a C-section to prevent further complications in the pregnancy.

Vicky, Sarah, and Joanna, the three daughters, were eight years old when they witnessed their mother delivering a baby. Sarah admired her mother’s poise during the process, while Vicky stood against the wall, and Joanna was overwhelmed.

Reflecting on that memory, Vicky recalls three distinct aspects: the unexpected size of the baby’s head, the sensation of almost fainting for the first time, and her realization that being an OB-GYN was not a career path she desired.

But as the girls grew up, their interest in the field also grew. Janet emphasizes that she never pushed her children to follow in her footsteps; they made their own choices. In 2017, after completing their medical residencies, the daughters joined their mother’s practice.

Interestingly, the triplets’ father, Dr. Robert Bedell, was also a doctor—an OB-GYN who practiced in South Florida for many years before retiring. He continued working as a Palliative Care physician until his passing in 2013.

Now at the age of 70, Janet takes pride in her daughters and feels fortunate to work alongside them. She admits, “I am one of the luckiest mothers around to be able to do that.”

The daughters share the same sentiment, appreciating the fact that they no longer dread going to work and cherishing the trust and teamwork they share. They consider their mother a hero and an everlasting source of inspiration. In a heartfelt post dedicated to their mother, they express their gratitude for her leadership and describe her as a go-getter, role model, trailblazer, and forever inspiration.

One can only imagine the immense sense of gratitude and fortune these women must feel to have each other as colleagues.

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Mother Gives Birth to Identical Triplets Who Become OB-GYN Doctors, Following in Her Footsteps. Just Look at Them Now!
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