From Teen Dishwasher to Restaurant Owner: This 18-Year-Old’s Unbelievable Journey Will Leave You Speechless!

Dreams can indeed come true, as demonstrated by the inspiring story of an 18-year-old Ohio resident who recently acquired the restaurant where she had worked as a teenager. Samantha Frye started her journey at Rosalie’s Restaurant in Strasburg when she was just 16, primarily working as a dishwasher. She juggled multiple jobs simultaneously, including positions at other restaurants and alongside her father. Eventually, she enrolled in Ohio State University to study environmental engineering during the fall semester. It was during this time that she learned of the owners’ intention to sell the restaurant, prompting her to consider purchasing it herself. Frye expressed her thoughts, stating, “I was thinking that maybe this was something I wanted to do… I had savings because I was saving for college, so I had quite a bit of money saved away. And I was like, I could possibly do this.” After completing her studies, she used her savings to make the down payment, officially becoming the restaurant’s owner in April.

Although she had never planned to pursue a career in the restaurant industry, it has now become the focal point of her life. Frye shared, “Right now, this is so new; this is my priority… Five days of the week, I’m in here. If not in here, I’m back there doing prep. The other two days, I’m in the office doing meetings with the sales reps.” Her decision has received commendation from her community, including Leanna Gardner, a representative of Rosalie’s, who praised Frye as “a great example of a young lady that is following her dreams and doing what she loves.”

Frye’s parents couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments. Her mother, Brandi Beitzel, conveyed her admiration, saying, “She’s always been a go-getter… Sam just has me in awe! I think back to when I was her age and there is no way I would have had the knowledge or the courage, or even be able to wrap my mind around the enormity of owning a restaurant.” Although Beitzel initially had reservations about her daughter leaving Ohio State University to undertake such a significant responsibility at a young age, she eventually came to support Frye’s decision, realizing that it was the path her daughter truly desired.
Beitzel acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead for Frye in the restaurant industry, drawing from her own 22 years of experience. However, she expressed confidence in her daughter’s determination and ambition, stating, “the sky is the limit.”

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From Teen Dishwasher to Restaurant Owner: This 18-Year-Old’s Unbelievable Journey Will Leave You Speechless!
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