Elderly Woman Discovers Karaoke Machine at Goodwill and Brings Life to the Store With Her Spirited Singing. VIDEO

After the release of Macklemore’s hit song “Thrift Shop,” thrift stores like Goodwill have become popular among young people. These stores offer unique finds, and with a bit of patience, you can score great deals, especially in the wealthy areas. Deanna Mae Garvin, who is known for always carrying a tune in her heart, decided to visit her local Goodwill in Hamilton, Ohio, to find a karaoke machine.

During her search, she found a karaoke machine and asked an employee to help bring it down. In exchange, the employee asked her to sing a little something to liven up the store. Being a woman who loves to sing, Deanna couldn’t say no, and she performed an energetic version of the classic spiritual “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” Shopper John Schuerfranz noticed her performance and filmed it, later posting it on Facebook. The video went viral within hours.

Deanna’s lively performance while wearing her stylish purple outfit and white crochet vest charmed the customers. During her breaks, she chatted with them, and they gathered around her to hear her sing. She even revealed that she had worn out two karaoke machines in the past. The video garnered over 34,000 views on Facebook and astounded Deanna.

A customer bought the karaoke machine that Deanna wanted to purchase but couldn’t afford, and gave it to her as a gift, surprising her. Schuerfranz, who filmed the video, remarked that Deanna may be an overnight sensation. Despite being a shy girl in the past, Deanna’s lively performance has brought joy to many people and inspired others to follow their passions, no matter their age or background.

In conclusion, Deanna Mae Garvin’s impromptu performance at Goodwill in Hamilton, Ohio, has become a viral sensation. Her infectious energy and lively singing have brought joy to many people, and her story has inspired others to pursue their passions. Shopping at thrift stores can lead to unexpected finds and unique experiences, and Deanna’s karaoke performance is a prime example of this.

Watch the original video and the interview video below:

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Elderly Woman Discovers Karaoke Machine at Goodwill and Brings Life to the Store With Her Spirited Singing. VIDEO
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