Heartbreaking Video: WWII Veteran Reunites with Long-Lost Love After 75 Years Apart

While serving in Briey, France during World War II, a young American soldier named KT Robbins fell in love with a local French woman called Jeannine Ganaye. When KT’s regiment was urgently called to the eastern front, their romance came to an end, leaving both Jeannine and KT heartbroken with the looming threat of war. Even though they went on with their lives, they never lost sight of the passion with which they first fell in love.

For the rest of his life, KT kept a picture of Jeannine with him, cherishing the memories of the love he had to give up as a young man. KT carried the picture of Jeannine and showed it to the journalists covering the memorial events when he received an invitation to go back to France for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. He wished they could connect him with her family so he could express to them how much she had meant to him.

Amazingly, the journalists were able to locate Jeannine and discovered that she was still alive. KT set up a visit to her retirement home right away. As soon as they both caught sight of each other, they each reached their hands to hold onto “the one that got away.” Their reunion brought tears to the eyes of everyone around them, and it’s nearly impossible to watch the video without feeling the depth of wistful emotion that enveloped this pair of star-crossed lovers.

They parted ways again after a few heartbreaking hours together, but this time as friends who promised to keep in contact. During one of the most turbulent and terrifying times in history, it was a love that gave them hope. Their long love story is proof of the strength of love and how it can endure even in the most difficult of situations. It serves as a reminder that genuine love endures forever and that, even if life changes our paths, the memories of a first love may live on in our hearts always.

Watch the video below:

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Heartbreaking Video: WWII Veteran Reunites with Long-Lost Love After 75 Years Apart
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