The Sorelle Sisters Nail Almost Perfect Cover of The Jacksons on ‘The Voice’: WATCH

During a recent episode of The Voice, sibling group Sorelle delivered an almost “perfect” cover of The Jacksons’ 1978 hit “Blame It On The Boogie.” Their energetic performance left the audience and the judges in awe. Sorelle faced off against fellow Team Chance contestant Tiana Goss, who sang a more tender rendition of Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman”.

“We really love upbeat, high energy, catchy choruses,” said Sorelle in their pre-performance interview. “We really want to show the coaches we have the ability to fill up arenas.”

In their pre-performance interview, the sisters mentioned their love for upbeat and high-energy music with catchy choruses. They hoped to show the coaches that they have the ability to fill up arenas. Sorelle also shared that they decided to call themselves that as it means “sisters” in Italian. They performed the song in tribute to The Jacksons, who were also a sibling group, and “Blame It On The Boogie” was one of their favorite songs growing up.

During the rehearsal, Mega Mentor Reba McEntire, who has her own experience performing with siblings, was impressed with the trio’s performance. She said, “The girls got up on stage and were cute as a button. They did the little dance routines and taking turns singing, and that three-part harmony which I absolutely loved. I just fell in love with them.” McEntire also shared that she, her older brother, and younger sister were once part of a singing group called the Singing McEntires.

In the end, Sorelle’s impressive performance earned them a spot in the next round. Blake Shelton even declared that their performance was “too perfect”. The sisters proved that they have what it takes to make it in the music industry and are sure to go far in the competition.

Watch their performance here:

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The Sorelle Sisters Nail Almost Perfect Cover of The Jacksons on ‘The Voice’: WATCH
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