What are the views of Megan Fox’s oldest son on his gender now. He used to wear girl dresses…

Megan Fox is open and honest about her love life. The focus of her life, her children, are the reason for her extreme secrecy and passionate protection. Learn more about Megan Fox’s kid, Noah Shannon Green.

Megan Fox’s rapid climb to popularity was aided by her status as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors in the early 2000s. Despite the fact that she is a mother today, her attractiveness still draws admirers.

The 36-year-old “Jennifer’s Body” actress and her ex-husband, actor Brian Austin Green, have three sons together. One of the children of the former couple, Noah Shannon Green, has recently attracted notice for challenging traditional gender roles.

Noah was born to Megan on September 27, 2012. She shared the joyful news on Facebook and expressed her and Brian’s pride in being able to name their young son’s parents. Megan’s lengthy note stated:

“I will always be grateful to God for allowing me to experience this kind of limitless, perfect love.”

Noah’s life has been kept confidential by Brian and Megan, who only occasionally provide updates to their followers. But Brian made an exception, and on social media, he openly expressed his love for Noah.

When Noah turned nine years old last year, Brian posted a picture of his son on Instagram wearing a cute yellow-and-dark green tee and having slightly messy hair.

He expressed his affection for his son and his disbelief that he was already nine years old. Brian’s current girlfriend and professional dancer Sharna Burgess also sent birthday greetings to the young kid.

Although there aren’t many pictures of Noah online, those that do show him appear to be sporting long hair, which has aroused intrigue. Megan has been quite vocal about the value of maintaining a gender-neutral environment at home. She uttered:

When Noah was about two years old, he began wearing dresses. I then purchased a number of books that sort of addressed these issues and covered the full gamut of what this is.

Megan confessed that she started Noah’s unusual parenting style while she was pregnant. She claimed she had a gut feeling her child would defy gender norms.

In the end, the “Transformers” actress created a setting free of such social norms. Unfortunately, because of his non-gender-conforming clothing, Noah occasionally experienced bullying at school. All that matters, she claimed, is that she is standing guard over him.

Fox, who is accustomed to being an outcast, claimed to be aware of the situation and help but feel worried. The young boy was brave, according to Megan, but she still wished that those around him were compassionate and understanding.

She also battled remorse and questioned whether she had performed her role as a mother adequately. In the midst of her regret, she recognized she couldn’t influence how other people felt about Noah or how other kids perceived him.

With Brian, Megan is also the proud mother of two more children: Journey River, who was born on August 4, 2016, and Bohdi Ransom, who was born on February 12, 2014. The two brothers were compared to their older sibling based only on appearance.

After having three children, Megan has been selective about the film industry roles she accepts from a career standpoint.
Like his ex-wife, Brian fiercely guards his two sons. The boys’ adoring father defended them by saying that his children are beautiful despite having long hair when someone online compared the boys to ladies because of the length of their hair.

In her capacity as a mother to her three children, Megan takes great pride. She has, however, set up a number of guidelines and limits for Noah, Bohdi, and Journey to abide by as parents.

She has given her children the freedom to express themselves and grow their hair as long as they choose. She forbids her kids from using any technology, including televisions and smartphones.

Technology, according to the “Rogue” actress, is bad for kids’ minds. She encourages her kids to be creative and appreciate the outdoors rather than drowning them in technology.

Megan has instilled in her sons a concern for the environment, animals, and their diet. Additionally, she has enrolled kids in schools that support veganism so that they can learn how to grow and plant food.

Working mom Megan, who frequently travels for work, wanted her kids to establish a pattern so she wouldn’t have to bring them with her everywhere she traveled. She claimed that she stays away from taking pictures of them in this way.

She occasionally posts pictures of her kids on social media, but she prefers to keep their lives as private as possible. Megan criticized Brian in 2020 for posting information about their kids on his social media account.

In 2021, after than ten years after they first got married, the ex-couple decided to call it quits. She and Brian are still co-parenting their children despite the divorce. Machine Gun Kelly, a rapper, and Megan are presently dating.

After having three children, Megan has been selective about the film industry roles she accepts from a career standpoint. Giving up her daring prior roles was exactly what she needed at this time since she felt the need to be a role model for her kids.

The stunning beauty continued by saying she didn’t want her boys to watch her in movies playing abused or sexualized characters. She prioritized her boys’ friendship before any professional advancement.

According to Megan, having children saved her life. She discussed how having children altered her outlook on life after going through difficult times in Hollywood.

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What are the views of Megan Fox’s oldest son on his gender now. He used to wear girl dresses…
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