A woman takes adopts a girl who came to her, months later she meets the same girl on her porch. Read on about this unusual story below…

A woman noticed a young girl on her porch one rainy night after hearing a tap on the gate. She adopted the child right away, and she was unable to imagine her life without her. The woman’s life was drastically changed by a call she got a few months later.

Humans occasionally have the longing to understand their true calling. Finding one’s mission in life may be a thrilling experience, despite the fact that it is not always an easy trip. Sometimes, the course we choose and the decisions we make as adults diverge from our youthful expectations.

However, Albus Dumbledore noted in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” that “our choices, far more than our powers, demonstrate what we truly are.” The woman in today’s tale went through a series of unexpected occurrences that caused her viewpoint to shift and her heart to overflow with thankfulness.

Megan Boudreaux Anderson characterized herself as a person who was unsure about her life’s purpose. She began working in PR and marketing at a hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after receiving her degree.

Megan claimed that because of her earlier work experience in Ukraine and Africa, she was assigned to go to the hospital’s malnutrition clinic in Haiti, a trip that changed her life.

She founded Respire Haiti, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering restaveks, orphans, and vulnerable children, on the hilltop in the small Haitian community of Gressier. The majority of the restaveks were denied access to healthcare and education, including domestic workers and young slaves.

In 2011, Megan had been in Gressier for a few days when she saw a young child throwing rocks at a bird from behind a tree on Bellevue Mountain. Megan later found out that the child was acting in this way because she was starving and wanted to eat the bird.

Then, one night, she heard someone calling her and Josh’s names when there was a knock on the door.
The young child’s name was Michaelle, and she resided with a different family on the mountain. Megan eventually became friends with the girl, who was six at the time, and invited her to the feeding program she ran on Bellevue Mountain. She even tried to have Michaelle enrolled in a school.

A few months later, Megan heard a tap on the gate while it was pouring rain. She was shocked to discover Michaelle completely covered in water when she opened the door. The young girl informed her:

“They claimed they were done wanting me. I’m yours to have.”

When Megan first heard Michaelle’s statements, she was astounded and felt terrible for her. At the age of 24, she was aware that her choice would have a profound impact on both her and the little girl’s lives. So, without a second thought, she opened her heart and home to Michaelle.

A few months later, while Megan was putting Michaelle to sleep after visiting an orphanage, she commented, “Look, mom, we have room for one more.” The words of her tiny princess shocked her, yet she sensed something in her heart.

Soon later, Megan pulled out Michaelle’s paperwork and discovered a French-written death certificate. She learned that Michaelle’s mother had died in the company of her husband and two children. She was up all night worrying about her young kid getting a sibling.

Do you have a sibling or sister? Megan questioned Michaelle the following day as she turned to face her. “Yes, I believe I have a sister,” the youngster answered. Michaelle said that she couldn’t remember her name when Megan asked what it was. But Megan was certain that she wanted to look for her daughter’s sibling.

After three weeks, Megan got a call on one of those days. The other end’s voice added, “Megan, please return home right away. There’s a young girl on our front porch that resembles Micha incredibly well.” Megan rushed home and was shocked to see a carbon clone of her young daughter. She described:

“Micha went into our house, and the moment I turned around, I saw these two sisters sprinting toward one another while crying “Micha!” to one another. ‘Jessica!’ They then gave each other hugs. My eyes were so unbelievable.”

As anticipated, Megan took in Jessica, Michaelle’s sister. Megan said she frequently questioned whether she would ever meet a life partner and settle down as a 24-year-old single mother of two children living outside of the United States. But when she crossed paths with Josh Anderson, that situation altered.

It took Megan some time to understand why Josh kept going back to Haiti after they first met in an orphanage. In the presence of family, close friends, and amiable farm animals like goats, cows, and chickens, the couple exchanged vows on Bellevue Mountain. After that, Josh joined his wife in running Respire Haiti and raising their two daughters.
One of the pupils from the school run by Respire Haiti vanished six weeks later. Megan looked everywhere but couldn’t find him. Then, one night, she heard someone calling her and Josh’s names when there was a knock on the door.

Surprisingly, it was Saintil, a nine-year-old boy, who had mysteriously left the school. He claimed to be fatigued and that he had walked for three days to get to the Andersons’ house since he knew he would be safe there.

Megan and Josh found out that Saintil’s birth parents had passed away and that he had no other place to live while he was staying with them. The couple then made the decision to adopt him and registered him in their school. Saintil will graduate from high school in 2022 at the age of 17 and has an A average.

Despite having already accepted Michaelle, Jessica, and Saintil into their hearts, the couple had to wait 11 years for their daughters and 9 years for their son before they could legally become the Andersons. The adoption was completed in March 2022, and Megan and Josh are overjoyed.

The family raised their children with a strong connection to the culture, traditions, and beliefs of Haiti over the course of their 11-year residence there. The Andersons have been residing in Lafayette, Louisiana since the epidemic. Three of the six children Megan and Josh are raising with love are their own offspring.

Megan said that even though the adoption process was drawn out and difficult, she and Josh are really thankful to have their children and wouldn’t do anything differently. The pair is still speaking out in favor of moral adoption, orphan care, and education.

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A woman takes adopts a girl who came to her, months later she meets the same girl on her porch. Read on about this unusual story below…
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