She wears a corset every day to maintain her slim waist and only eats once a day…

Vanity can sometimes get the best of folks. Efforts were made by a young Vietnamese-born woman to get her waist down to only 46 cm. She only consumes one meal each day and is frequently seen wearing a corset.

Popular Vietnamese artist Thuy Nga made the discovery of An Ky, a part-time dancer who lives in the United States, on her most recent American tour last winter.

The Vietnamese comedian and television star spotted the young girl’s thin waist while at the milk tea cafe Ky just so happened to work at and made a film about it.

She praised the young woman’s trim waist and inquired about how she managed to get down to a waist size of just 46 cm and how she kept her extreme hourglass figure.

It appears that the part-time dancer has always desired a body type with a narrow waist that emphasizes her hips and chest, and she is prepared to put in a lot of effort to get it.

When she turned 18, she made the decision to change. She used to weigh over 50 kg and had a waist circumference of over 60 cm, but now she just weighs 37 kg, which seems a little out of shape.

An Ky, age 26, reduced her daily meal intake from three to one, and occasionally even only once every two days, in order to lower the size of her waist. She also quit eating carbohydrates two years ago and wears a tight corset around her waist every day, taking it off only at night.

When asked if she was concerned about the health repercussions of her diet, An Ky responded that she never feels lethargic since she eats a lot of fruit, vegetables, and protein-rich chicken breast.

The only issue she raises is the modifications she has make when purchasing a new pair of jeans. She needs to tighten the pants because of her small waist, which is sometimes “more expensive than the pair of pants themselves.”

Although Thuy Nga’s video was uploaded to YouTube in January, it wasn’t until An Ky’s waist photo went viral on social media that it became widely shared.

But the public’s response was unfavorable; many people thought she appeared strange, and other worried netizens warned that covering her waist too tightly would eventually harm her internal organs.

An Ky’s waist, which measures 46 centimeters, is extremely small in comparison to Burmese student Su Ning, who says her waist measures only 13.7 inches (34.8 cm).

Watch her video below:

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She wears a corset every day to maintain her slim waist and only eats once a day…
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