With Diana Hyland, who passed away in his arms, John Travolta has “never been more in love”…

When his lover Diana Hyland passed away from cancer while he was holding her, John Travolta felt sadness. But after she passed away, he admitted that Hyland was the only person with whom he had ever been more in love. To find out more about their romantic past, keep reading.

John Travolta, an American singer and actor, has had a successful career in the entertainment business. His life away from the camera, however, has been marred by bad occurrences, such as grieving the loss of people who were dear to him.

The celebrity has lost two women to the same ailment throughout the years. His lover, Diana Hyland, fell away from breast cancer a few years earlier, and his wife Kelly Preston passed away in 2020 after a battle with the disease.

The actor has frequently opened up about how those two periods—two of the darkest in his life—affected him. Here are specifics on the singer’s relationships, particularly with Diana Hyland.

Because of Hyland’s sudden demise, Travolta and Hyland’s connection is rarely talked about. On the set of the 1976 movie “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble,” the two ex-lovers first met.

Mickey Lubitch, the mother of Travolta’s on-screen character Tod, was played by Hyland. The actor was 23 years old at the time, and Hyland was 41. Despite having an age difference of 18 years, the couple began dating a month after first meeting.

Travolta revealed his affections for the actress in an interview with People. He stated to the source: “Never before in my life have I been more in love. Before, I believed I was in love, but I wasn’t. I was drawn to her as soon as I met her. On the Bubble set, my partner and I were talking like two maniacs all the time.”

Prior to meeting Hyland, Travolta believed that he would never find true love. By chance, the actress shared his sentiments, and the two of them became fast friends.

The couple spent weekends with Hyland’s kid from a previous marriage and traveled to Palm Springs, Big Bear, and New York during their seven-month romance. Although it was all in good fun, their brief relationship was tragically over after the actress passed away.

Hyland died of breast cancer-related complications on March 27, 1977. Travolta talked about the actress’s struggle with the fatal illness a few months after her passing.

He revealed that even though his deceased partner had surgery to remove the afflicted breast two years prior to passing away, she still died from the illness.

Two weeks prior to her passing, she received her second diagnosis, which informed her that she would pass away. While in New York for the “Saturday Night Fever” shoot, Travolta flew back to be with her during her final weeks.

Travolta noted that Hyland boldly finished four of the first eight episodes of “Eight is Enough,” demonstrating her strength even in the face of death.

They took a walk in the garden the day before the actress passed away. Eventually, while “Saturday Night Fever” was still being filmed, Hyland passed away in Travolta’s arms. Travolta remarked to People:

“I could feel her breathing leave her.”

For Travolta and Hyland’s kid, who said that the actor loved his mother without condition, it was a sad moment.

The assistance of a Scientology “auditor” was what the actor needed following the catastrophe, which he characterized as the “hardest weeks of my life.”

Additionally, Travolta’s success, his supportive comments from Hyland, and his trusting faith all had a significant impact. The “Saturday Night Fever” actor would later admit that going through such a horrible time as a child made him less afraid of dying than the typical man.

After Hyland passed away, her body was cremated, and Travolta scattered her ashes on her preferred section of beach a few days later.

He planned to organize a memorial service for the actress but eventually cancelled it after the press got wind of the arrangement and arrived up.

Travolta, regrettably, was unable to avoid the media’s attention and was frequently questioned while he was filming. Naturally, it really bothered him, and one day he became enraged.

Director Randal Kleiser recalled the encounter and said that Travolta was impacted by the People Magazine cover story about Hyland’s passing at the time they were filming “Greased Lightning.”

Because the journalist had vowed to keep quiet about Hyland, Kleiser said that the actor was upset and depressed.

Unfortunately, he was powerless to change anything, which depressed him. However, Travolta had to cope with Hyland’s passing in some way, and he did.

After three years, he finally recovered from the actress’s passing and began dating once more. Travolta started dating Catherine Deneuve, a French actress. Sadly, they did not stay together for very long before splitting up.

Soon after, Travolta began an erratic relationship with Marilu Henner that lasted until 1985. At the 1989 comedy “The Experts” screen test, the actor eventually ran across Kelly Preston.

Travolta said that it was love at first sight, but the couple didn’t start dating until 1990. The actor made his proposal on December 31, 1990, wearing a six-karat yellow and white diamond ring inside the Palace Hotel Restaurant in Gstaad, Switzerland.

The couple wed in a lavish ceremony at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris on September 5, 1991. Sadly, the marriage was unconstitutional, so the couple was married again in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Prior to Preston’s passing on July 12, 2020, after a two-year fight with breast cancer, the couple had been wed for 28 years. Travolta, who was devastated by the news, posted it on Instagram and said that Preston’s love and life would live on in memory.

Whether Travolta is dating right now is unknown, but he still treasures the memory of his late wife. For the time being, he needs to concentrate on being a fantastic father to Ella and Benjamin.

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With Diana Hyland, who passed away in his arms, John Travolta has “never been more in love”…
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