Fans honor Tammy Slaton of “1000-lb Sisters” for her dramatical weight loss journey…

Many Americans, as well as anyone who can access it abroad, have developed a guilty enjoyment for the TLC television program “1000-lb Sisters.” The show centers on the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton, two sisters who previously combined to weigh more than 1,000 pounds and have always relied on one another for support. The television show portrays the struggles they face as morbidly obese women while they search for their own way to health and happiness.

Similar to “My 600-lb Life,” “1000-lb Sisters” features a fan base of viewers who support Amy and Tammy as they overcome hurdles in life, particularly those pertaining to their health and weight loss. While many people have come to love the sisters for their sense of humor and their close bond, others have remarked on how occasionally uninspired the sisters appear to be to truly take care of themselves and take their health issue seriously.

The difficult lives of Amy and Tammy, two overweight sisters, are shown throughout each season. Together, the two manage their relationship as well as their separate weight reduction objectives and personal life.

In order to improve their chances of living happier, healthier, and longer lives, both sisters make an effort to eat healthier and exercise more during each season. However, a lot of admirers have observed as Amy has demonstrated that she is progressing far faster than Tammy.

But in December 2022, after Tammy posted a video showing her appearing remarkably different, things appeared to shift.

When it appeared that the sisters had strayed from their intended course, fans expressed concern and expressed their desire to see them succeed. Amy has been referred to as the “thin sister” and began off on the reality show weighing around 400 pounds. When she became pregnant, she put her weight loss efforts on hold, but she soon resumed them and dropped to 270 pounds.

Tammy, on the other hand, has had a lot of difficulty losing weight. Before making the correct choices for a healthier lifestyle, she put on weight when the filming started. In a video from 2020, Tammy was shown eating well and hardly ever using her walker. Being able to take care of myself and become more independent is a success, she remarked. Tammy later entered a weight-loss center.

Tammy appears to have made significant advancements since then, as fans were astounded by her stunning weight loss makeover in a December 2022 TikTok upload. Tammy’s face was slightly affected by a filter on the video, but it was still clear that she had lost weight.

Watch her video here:

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Fans honor Tammy Slaton of “1000-lb Sisters” for her dramatical weight loss journey…
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