Voice from the back interrupts the wedding ceremony as the bride turns around and starts crying…

Everybody has a specific mental picture of their wedding day. As they go down the aisle, many people picture a room full of their closest friends and relatives.

Like most couples, you probably want everything to go perfectly on your wedding day, no matter what other arrangements you may have. But rarely do things go according to plan. Both the bride and groom and the guests at Tricia and Neil’s wedding learned how amazing surprises can be.

The couple had their own ideal plan for their special day, but they were unaware that their guests had extensive plans as well! The wedding of Tricia and Neil was going as planned. They exchanged vows and were about to make the commitment of a lifetime when they heard a sound coming from the church’s rear.

A voice slowly started to sing. The rest of the flash mob started to join in, leaving the couple in wonder and dumbfounded. Contrary to what many people expect, this wedding flash mob didn’t entail much jumping, dancing, or loud singing. The choir sang “How Great Thou Art” as their magnificent voices filled the church.

Tricia started crying right away because the show was so amazing and heartfelt! This surprise was so potent that it positively caught the entire church off guard. On a day as precious as their wedding, the couple was able to take in a moving performance by their loved ones.

Even though this song played a minor role in the celebration, the couple and the rest of the crowd were profoundly affected by the performance. The bride and groom were in complete shock when their wedding was cut short, as you can see in the video. You can almost feel the feelings they were both feeling as the shock changes to joyous tears.

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Voice from the back interrupts the wedding ceremony as the bride turns around and starts crying…
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