At first glance it’s an ordinary snowman, but how it was made and where makes it super exceptional…

December is a definite month for holiday traffic. Many motorists who are eager to arrive to grandma’s house in time for Christmas dinner find themselves slowly making their way along the route. There is some holiday happiness provided by radio jingles and felt reindeer antlers plastered to the windows, but bumper to bumper traffic isn’t exactly a happy place.

Lonely drivers might be kicking themselves for not taking the train while friends and family gather around the fire. Instead of being forced to drive off-road over unplowed streets and attempt to parallel park amid mountains of snow that were constantly accumulating, they might have been better off sardined in with fellow straphangers. Even though winter wonderlands aren’t the best places for four-wheelers to operate, one must “be home for Christmas” somehow.

Those who are lucky enough to discover a truck or SUV with a large red bow on it waiting for them in the driveway on Christmas morning could later regret not asking Santa for a commuter pass. Driving can be both a blessing and a curse, especially in the winter when the icy weather makes commuting even more challenging. When you live somewhere where having a white Christmas is more of a frozen reality and less of a seasonal jingle, digging out driveways and navigating ice roads are just two of the joys of the season.

In December 2022, drivers in the UK were forced to roll miserably along a motorway coated in snow. Many drivers may have recognized the image, but those who were paying close attention would have seen one particular aspect that made this particular stretch of frozen road especially special during the holiday season.

In December, a well-known figure appeared on the streets near Central London. On the evening of December 11, 2022, as cars full of irate commuters struggled to get home, some observed an icy creation that a particularly bored driver had made rather than a traffic cop or a driver mending a flat.

The snow that had accumulated along the highway appeared to have been carved into the shape of Frosty the Snowman himself. The idea was still there even if the figure did not have a corncob pipe, a button nose, or two coal-filled eyes. Instead, he stood tall as a man. In the midst of the gridlock, someone had ingeniously constructed a believable snowman. It’s unclear how the driver did it, but the end result was spectacular as a bottom, torso, and head were successfully rolled out of the tiny layer of snow that covered the road.

While one driver didn’t slow down enough to make her own snowman, she did stop long enough to take a brief photo of the errant snowman as it stood bravely between moving vehicles. After the unexpected occurrence, they tweeted about it, stating how “someone created a snowman in the middle of the A406 #snow #uksnow.” The curiously positioned snowman hasn’t been seen in any subsequent images, but this one image instantly spread holiday cheer on social media.

Other congested Londoners who had spotted the snowman responded, remarking about how much Frosty’s special visit had cheered up their commute. I drove right past this was hilarious,” one person remarked. Others who commented appeared to agree with the snowman, stating, “Well with all the traffic they had time!!”

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At first glance it’s an ordinary snowman, but how it was made and where makes it super exceptional…
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