A painter takes ordinary dolls and repaints them as more lively and realistic. People have controversial opinions about them…

Even though doll play was fun for us as young girls, we are aware of how physically unrealistic some dolls may be.

These toys frequently have trim bodies, flawless skin that is frequently well made up, and ideal facial characteristics that even celebrities would envy.

Since all we were concerned with as kids was playing, we failed to recognize this. However, as we got older, we understood that none of those dolls ever resembled real humans.

Although it may appear unimportant, this phenomena could cause a variety of self-image problems in young girls. The notion of perfection is exactly what this Ukrainian artist by the name of Olga Kamenetskaya seeks to debunk.

Olga collects overly embellished dolls, primarily Ever After High and Monster High dolls, then paints and customizes them to look like regular people.

She begins by removing their makeup to leave their faces as a blank canvas. She then starts to work her magic from there. By shrinking their eyes, thinning their lips, and widening their nostrils, the artist changes their absurd proportions. By reducing the angles of their cheekbones, she can occasionally recreate the shape of their faces.

Olga gives these inanimate items new life and more authentic qualities, including wrinkles and freckles, using the information she acquired from the beauty classes she attended.

Olga repaints the layers with matte paint after removing their glossy sheen. To further the realism of her works, she also gives them human-like expressions and a twinkle in their eyes.

And the outcomes? dolls that resemble people in real life!

In an interview she stated, “I don’t like when the new face of the doll is ideal and absolutely symmetrical, it makes it lifeless. “I always purposely leave a fault in the dolls, one that may not be obvious to everyone but adds to their charm nonetheless. My dolls might be conveying a message through their damaged beauty.”

People’s reactions to the recreated dolls are conflicted, despite the fact that achieving such a result needs significant talent. While some applaud her efforts, others wish to get away from the dolls at all costs.

The realism of Olga’s dolls “frightens certain individuals; they find them unsettling.”

Olga, whose seamstress mother taught her to sew, not only repaints the dolls but also makes clothing for the altered dolls.

Olga was kind enough to give video instructions of her creative process, which is fortunate for anyone who wish to try their hand at doll repainting. These teaching resources are available in her Etsy store. There are films explaining how to style various wig kinds and a course on painting dolls, among other lessons.

You can find one of Olga’s refurbished figurines on her Etsy shop if you’re interested in buying one. Be sure to follow her on Instagram because she also posts fascinating before-and-after images of the dolls there.

See some of Olga Kamenetskaya’s most incredible doll transformations in the gallery below.

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A painter takes ordinary dolls and repaints them as more lively and realistic. People have controversial opinions about them…
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