He was only 8 years old when started taking care of hi smother who couldn’t walk. How his life looks like now?…

The media initially reported on this story fifteen years ago. An eight-year-old Dobryanka kid named Vladik manages the home and takes care of his mother, who is partially paralyzed. People were in awe all throughout the world, some were impressed, and others were shocked: How is it possible?

It’s a difficult fate for this family. The boy’s father was a heavy drinker. His mother left him because she couldn’t handle it. Since they were unable to find another place to reside, she settled down with her little child in a small house in the village.

While difficult, there was not enough money to provide for the needs of two persons. Trouble hit their family when Vlad was eight years old. After having a stroke, his mother became paralyzed.

At the time, he was without his father. A young schoolboy was devastated as a result. His closest option is an orphanage. Vlad was not the type of man to accept his lot in life. He was determined to save his mother. Like a real guy, he would do anything to help his mother get back on her feet.

Vlad was lucky to have a neighbor take care of things. She used social services to resolve every issue. The youngster must still handle his own business, though.

When the public learned more about Vlad and his mother, he was 16 years old. No one was unaffected by the tale. The authorities were able to assist the boy as well. Just consider the fact that he cooked, cleaned, and took care of his mother.

It could be challenging at times. My mother’s health declined and she lost her ability to speak. The young man persisted. Every night, he sat down next to his mother and taught her how to speak and pronounce words once again while reading a book.

Tatiana was not completely recovered by Vlad. Her medical care was very demanding. He possessed none. He persisted and did everything in his power to support his mother. His mother started speaking once more as a result of his efforts.

On a personal level, Vlad is doing well. They were married after falling in love and having been together since high school. Nastya helped him take care of his sick mother, so he was not struggling alone.

At age 24, the man works as a welder in his hometown.

The family relocated from a dilapidated wooden house to an apartment provided for them by the local government. They still stand by the Kudryashovs.

Vlad never stops striving to provide his family a better future. He is a good-natured, courageous, and diligent man who is confident that things will turn out well for his mother. People will always treasure his narrative since it was simultaneously fascinating and terrible.

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He was only 8 years old when started taking care of hi smother who couldn’t walk. How his life looks like now?…
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