The most interesting job: The woman makes a lot of money as a certified cuddler…

Even though it might seem absurd, many people are finding success as professional cuddlers. Meet self-described cuddlist Robin Marie.

These cuddlists will meet with clients in exchange for payment and provide them with hugs, touches, hand-holding, and other platonic touches.

Depending on the client’s demands, this non-sexual touch therapy may go on for just a few minutes or maybe the entire night. Marie firmly believes in the therapeutic value of touch. She decided to pursue a career in professional snuggling because of this conviction.

According to Marie, the desire to be touched is natural, and participating in these sessions may be quite helpful for many people.

Despite what you may believe about the importance of the position, cuddlists go through a certification process. The company, Cuddlist, offers a certification course that takes about four months to complete.

According to her website, Marie has a master’s degree in counseling psychology in addition to her cuddling certification, which helps her relate to her customers and their unique needs.

When vetting potential clients, Marie adheres to a precise methodology.

She requires her clients sign an agreement stating the private confines of the meetings in addition to asking for identification.

While some clients want cuddles, others merely seek Marie’s company. When people find out that Marie makes $80 per hour for this position, they are frequently shocked.

Marie predicts that the profession will grow in popularity. Check out this intriguing video if you want to learn more about becoming a cuddlist or hiring one for yourself:

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The most interesting job: The woman makes a lot of money as a certified cuddler…
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