The sobbing widow calls police officers for help. What they did in the end is so touching…

When police officers awaken in the morning, they are aware that their roles are ones of protection and service. Every time they report for duty, they are prepared to perform their duties, but occasionally they are required to go above and beyond.

Thanks to some compassionate and perceptive La Vista police officers, this was recently observed in a fantastic way.

When Officer John Danderand and a few other officers arrived at Karen Ressegieu’s house, it took place.

At the time, her husband was not responding. Even after numerous attempts at CPR by emergency personnel, he was pronounced dead not long after they arrived.

The recent widow, according to Danderand, was very busy. She was going to a funeral when neighbors were stopping by and chatting with her. Adding insult to injury, she had to complete frosting a cake for the funeral and felt obligated to do so.

At that point, the police really rose to the occasion and did an excellent job. They assisted her by applying the cake’s frosting. The cake was then given on behalf of the widow at the funeral that day.

Sgt. Kraig Gamon shot some pictures while the cops were hard at work behind the scenes. He wanted everyone to see how compassionate these officers were toward a grieving widow.

She simply worried more about everyone else than she did, according to Garmon. And it’s the aspect of her kindness that most impressed me. And I thought it was a modest gesture that we were able to try to give it back to her.

Karen had a challenging day, but thanks to the generosity of these policemen, she was able to get through it.

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The sobbing widow calls police officers for help. What they did in the end is so touching…
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