Julia Roberts confesses about the unexpected mistakes she has done in parenting…

One of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses is Julia Roberts. She appeared in enduring movies including “Pretty Woman,” “Notting Hill,” “Eat Pray Love,” and others.

Roberts is still regarded as one of the most renowned and recognized actors, but she is proud of other aspects of her life as well.

Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry, twins who are 17 years old, and Henry, who is 15 years old, are Roberts’ other three children. She has been married to Danny Moder for 20 years.

Roberts discussed her life as a wife and mother in an interview with CBS News. This is a side of the actress’s life that fans don’t frequently see.

Roberts stated that she is a homemaker when she is not working, and despite the ups and downs that go along with it, it is a role that she sincerely enjoys.

The “Notting Hill” actress claimed that, in addition to her acting career, another important ambition of hers has come true: the life she and her husband have built with their children.

The actress clearly values her family, and despite the difficulties of parenting, she is not hesitant to be honest with her kids about her failures as a parent.

Roberts acknowledged that while most people would claim she can do no wrong when it comes to acting, she can make a lot of mistakes as a mom.

People talked about Roberts’ open interview with Today. The “Eat Pray Love” alum admitted that her fear of failing as a mother sometimes paralyzes her.

However, Roberts is open with her kids when she feels like she has “blown it” on those particular days. The actor remarked, “I’ve occasionally simply asked my children, “So today, me as a mom? I blew it, so can we just take that off the board?”

But in addition to being open about the drawbacks of parenthood, Roberts also provided us with some insight into how she and her husband nurture their three children.

Regarding the subject of beauty and how Roberts instills an appreciation for it in her children, the actress acknowledged that it is a difficult subject to handle because she does not want to “mess them up” but rather to raise their awareness. She laughed and stated that everyone should smile and smell nice as a simple and effective beauty regimen.

The actress assured that Robert’s children don’t see any of her movies, if that was ever a question. Roberts clarified that she thought some of the roles she performs might be too young for her kids to watch.

The actress added that she and her husband have a strict no-watching rule in their home. They are more of a book family, according to Roberts, and they don’t watch much TV or are fixated on any TV shows.

She claimed that stories, poetry, and exchanging ideas are more “fascinating” to her kids now. They converse with one another and enjoy each other’s company as a result, rather than congregating in front of the TV.

Despite some difficulty at the start of their relationship, Roberts and Moder went on to have a lovely and content life together.

The couple first connected on the set of “The Mexican,” where Roberts was the lead and Moder was the director of photography.

Both Roberts and Moder were committed partners when they first met. According to The Things, the “Wonder” actress dated cinematographer Benjamin Bratt for four years while he was wed to makeup artist Vera Steimberg.

There were many rumors regarding why Roberts and Bratt separated up before it actually happened. While Bratt’s jealousy of her co-star George Clooney was suggested by other media rumors, Roberts reportedly remarked that people could not believe their parting was amicable.

All of the assumptions were incorrect because Roberts and Moder were secretly dating. Roberts refuted every allegation that she and Moder were having an affair.

Instead, the actress claimed that they resolved their differences and that this was the only way they could peacefully fall in love. Since then, the couple has never been apart.

Roberts and Moder will commemorate their 20th wedding anniversary on July 4th, 2022. The actress posted a hot photo of them kissing on Instagram to mark the occasion.

Roberts added the hashtags “can’t stop kissing” and “can’t stop smiling” to the image’s caption. She replied that there will be much of kissing involved in how she and her spouse would mark this occasion.

The actress joked when asked what has kept her marriage strong for 20 years, “two bathroom sinks and lots of kissing.”

The actress opened even further in a subsequent interview with People about how she maintains the passion in her marriage. They enjoy writing each other letters, according to the “Runaway Bride.” The first letter Moder wrote him was seven pages long, according to Roberts.

This custom has persisted since, according to the actress, she sent her husband letters while she was in Australia for 62 days filming “Ticket to Paradise” and plans to show them her children in the future.

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Julia Roberts confesses about the unexpected mistakes she has done in parenting…
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