The true reason behind marrying five women and having a lot of children…

The Williams family of Rocky Ridge, Utah, in Juab County is not your ordinary family. Even the normal polygamist family is not what they are.

One father, five wives, and 24 children spread across two homes make up the Williams family.

The five ladies Brady Williams, 49, is wed to are Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda.

“It’s not that difficult,” Brady insisted. “We adore one another. We are simply typical five times over.”

The family claims they are informing their children that they do not have to engage in polygamy themselves.

Brady remarked, “It’s about love, it’s about commitment, and it’s about family happiness.”

The Williams family has chosen to practice polygamy in a more “progressive” manner. The family is outspoken about their liberal values and occasionally drinks alcohol, which Brady claims has made them “outcasts” in their neighborhood.

Two houses next to one another house the family in separate parts. Every night, each wife alternates making dinner for the 30-person household.

Brady Williams said, “It’s like having Thanksgiving meal five nights a week.”

The family even had a reality show of their own that ran on TLC from 2013 to 2014. Brady claims that, contrary to popular belief, polygamy may be healthy and loving. They were able to demonstrate this on the show.

He claimed that polygamy carries a negative reputation. “Consenting adults are free to live and love whatever they wish.”

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The true reason behind marrying five women and having a lot of children…
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