The girl was too anxious to perform with Celine Dion. See what happened when she starts…

Rarely do you get the chance to interact with one of your musical idols, much less perform a duet with them. However, for Filipino Charice Pempengco, that desire came true.

Charice, a 16-year-old aspiring singer, was graciously invited by international megastar Celine Dion to join her onstage for a special song during a concert one night. At her show, she gave her an introduction, saying,

“Last week, I got to see Charice perform one of my songs on Oprah. Due to my recent encounter with Charice and my intense emotion, I’m having some trouble finding the correct words to express myself while also attempting to manage my feelings. She was invited to join me in singing here tonight.

A timid young girl suddenly arrived at Celine’s side, and the two of them announced that they would sing “Because You Loved Me” to Charice’s mother, who was present that evening. She actually has a voice that can blow the roof off Madison Square, Celine said. Charice overcame her shyness and started singing the song loudly, fulfilling Celine’s assertion.

The sentimental lyrics, which are absolutely ideal for a devoted mother, were “For all those times you stood by me/For all the truth that you made me see/For all the joy you provided to my life/For all the wrong that you made right.”

As she watched, Charice’s mother, who was incredibly proud of her young daughter, must have found it to be such a lovely occasion. The moment must have meant everything to Charice, but much more so.

Her voice conveyed the emotional weight of the duet, and she made a terrific connection with the audience. As proud of her talent as her mother was, they cheered for her.

Oprah is the one who found Celine’s YouTube video and invited her to appear on her show, therefore Celine mentioned her in her reference. She was subsequently introduced to Celine. Charice had revealed to Oprah, “My Heart Will Go On was the first song I knew. Of course, I hope to perform with Celine Dion in the future.”

It’s amazing to witness her dream come true, and perhaps Oprah was right when she called the singing phenom “the most talented girl in the world.”

Watch the amazing performance here:

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The girl was too anxious to perform with Celine Dion. See what happened when she starts…
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